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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

EPA Tried to Make Itself Relevant, And Ensure It Gets Funding, As The Restored USA Is Ready Chop EPA Down to Essentials

stock here.   Keep in mind Gina McCarthy at the EPA came up with the idea to turn off the radiation monitors after Fukushima.    Then she was promoted to the top position at EPA as a reward.

EPA is truly a dysfunctional organization that is not overall representing the American people, nor good business policies either.

Just saw this today as headlines.    And the "play book" was instantly clear--The EPA is scared for it's very existence and the EPA is now publishing "fake news" (at least it contradicts their prior report on fracking) in order to make people think "We Need the EPA and The Current People at the EPA".    I jokingly call it fake news because it is actually "real news".

These  EPA "scientists" have been costing us all $301,000 each per year (90,000 people total including all the admins) whilst coming up with drivel, excuses, removing radiation monitoring, poisoning Flint.

You want to see more on  Gina McCarthy, look here:

And now Trump appoints Rick Perry, who at one point wanted to disband the EPA entirely.   And now the EPA thrusts itself into the limelight, trying to be relevant.    Trying to convince us how needed they are.    Well someone needs to expose this "fracking" truths, but I think the swamp dwellers need a wake up shake up call with many heads rolling.   Sorry, that means you lost your pension too.

Fracking can affect drinking water supplies in certain circumstances, the Obama administration said in a long-awaited report issued Tuesday, leaving open the possibility of more widespread impacts that it says can’t be determined with current data.
The report, written by Environmental Protection Agency scientists, includes findings that are more open-ended than those in a draft version last year, when the agency said fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, isn’t having “widespread, systematic impacts on drinking water.”

Take a look at these NBC Headlines.   They don't even mention Trump's appointment of Rick Perry to EPA Head.    Perry at one time wanted to abolish the EPA, now he leads it. 


The EPA can be directly "thanked" for their part in the cover up of Fukushima.    Not just shame on them, but Nuremberg Trials for some. 

Compiled by Lot's Wife

"This landmark study of the survivors of the atomic bombings of Japan presents the strongest evidence to date that cancer risk not only exists at low levels of radiation, but may have greater risk per unit of dose than at higher doses. The study also shows that ionizing radiation is associated with non-cancerous diseases, involving circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems."

As the 6-year anniversary approaches, here's data that helps resolve some of the unusual mortality events and mass die-offs that have been observed from Alaska to Mexico. Temperature fluctuations alone cannot account for the observations. If you'd like to help bring more attention to the threats posed by Fukushima's ongoing crisis, please get in touch. 



  1. Hey Loose Nuke, are you worried about your job? You should be.

  2. Gina McCarthy should stand trial for crimes against humanity for her significant role in covering up the massive cancer causing Fukushima fallout plume

    1. Nuremberg is going to become a household word.

    2. Says who? Some guy that is unqualified in nuclear matters? Cmon man, people who were in middle school at 311 have gone on to get nuclear engineering degrees. They know more than you. And Duderstadt signed your consolation diploma in Also-ran engineering. Peiceless.

    3. No he came after I did.

      Are you insulting Mechanical Engineering and Material Science? Fields that help people, we do not do damage like nuclear radiation and all its lies.

      But thanks for chiming in, it was getting pretty lonely in here. ENE is too busy with infighting


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