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Saturday, December 24, 2016

EU / UK Is Checking All Food From Japan For Radiation, USA Is Checking None

No wonder Japan placed so much value in the USA's (ala Clinton) promise to buy their radioactive food without testing. The EU is testing all of the food coming in. To be fair, all food is tested, via spot checks on 5% of it. That is quite a bit of cost in testing.
And in other news......Reporting being sued for reporting on Radiation in Milk.    And yesterday, he was found guilty.   A government run lab was given a milk sample and came up with results showing Strontium 90 at 10 times the legal limit.

No additional tests were performed during the trial.    No additional labs were brought in.   They simple found him guilty.

HERE IS HIS ORIGINAL STORY it was hard to find.   Which is amazing, you would think that every online story would link to it so people can review the story.



  1. If I were to monitor my own grocery store for radiation on produce, what would be a good, EASILY USED radiation detector for doing so?

    1. I like the Inspector, I would get the version with the handheld detector.


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