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Monday, December 19, 2016

Fukushima at High Risk for Another Massive Tsunami -- Death Blow To The Pacific

This is really cool.    Solar flare /CME ejecta can be detected on a water vapor monitoring system hosting at University of Wisconsin Madison.   We just had a huge impact.


This is VERY Uncool---

Japan has been VERY quiet for Earthquakes this last week, whilst other parts of the plate are hit hard.    Risk of huge quake right off Fukushima is high, and a Tsunami taking all of their radioactive concentrated water tanks into the ocean could be the death knell of the Pacific.

The reality of the Pacific----a massive die off in radiation absorbing Krill into their Chitin exo-skeleton has caused a massive amount of food in the food chain to sink to the bottom of the ocean.      This could take decades to recover from.

But if we get another massive release of radiation, the Krill will never be able to recover, they will be killed starting immediately when they are "born".      This time, there were millions of tons of Krill to absorb the radiation, and in Hari Kari style, unwillingly take that radiation to the bottom.  

So the filtering of radiation from the ocean occurred pretty quickly.     But with only 5% of the original amount of Krill available to filter the ocean it could take 100 years or more to clean the ocean and then recover.  

Dutchsinse explained it well in the video. Other than the unknowns.
The center of the earth is made up of plasma, hot enough to melt anything. The sun ejects mass that makes up solar winds. Parts of the solar winds can interact with the plasma of the earth's core. In this case it looks like radio/microwaves recently ejected from the sun as shown interfering with weather moisture satellite tracking images. These waves cause heating like a microwave oven or the radio waves used by CERN but in the sun's case much more powerful.
The fear is, that anything affecting the earth's plasma core will cause deep earthquakes to release the energy caused by overheating. That leads to energy traveling to the earth's surface as a release. First, active volcanoes can get excited then dormant magma chamber can react then manmade deep drilled wells can react along with old manmade above and below ground nuclear test sites can react as weaken earth's crust allows energy to escape and then earth's natural fault lines allow release of energy known as earthquakes.
Dutchsinse seems to understand the progression of quake activity coming from deep quakes but does not say what causes deep earthquakes. Other sites claim the sun's ejected output interacts with earth and causes these (deep) earthquakes which then leads to surface quakes.
The worry is, recent sun's powerful disturbance of earth might lead to large earthquakes but energy release lag time might allow quake forewarning.

Some people are waking up.    Albeit, it may be too late.

This article quotes ENENEWS several times as a news source

The head of the National Cancer Research Center in Japan, reported in Feb, 2015, that Cancer rates have skyrocketed by 6,000% and that it was being “swept under the rug.”[20] It must be global warming causing this unprecedented rise in Cancer rates eh? In Jan, 2015, Japan’s nuclear regulator approved TEPCO’s ingenious plan to simply drain waste-water into the ocean.[21]
In Nov, 2014, Ken Buesseler, of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution claimed:

“My biggest concern is what’s going on in Japan today, and how that might make its way across to our coast. We know it’s still leaking because we’re measuring higher levels off Japan to this day. Even just the basic question, ‘How much radioactivity was released at Fukushima?’ I can’t answer that today. We may never be able to because of the lack of sampling, particularly in the ocean.”[22]

One of the best things about the Trump presidency is that we get rid of that witch/bitch Gina McCarthy who turned off the radiation monitors after Fukushima.

But this bitch thinks that Trumps "hands are tied" and that her NWO climate change policies are not changeable by Trump /Pruitt

EPA chief says Trump has limited room to scrap climate rules

McCarthy says any attempt must be scientifically justified under Clean Air Act.

The chief architect of President Barack Obama’s climate change policies has warned the incoming Trump administration that US law and the scientific evidence of global warming will constrain any attempt to overturn her work.

Like to see some Nuremberg trial for that bitch 


  1. 5 years later the nuclear fuel is no more,hot than if you dry casked it. If you claim uranium freed itself from its ceramic oxide pellet, freed itself from clad, freed itself from containment, then somehow migrated to the Pacific from 311, then whats left? Fact of the matter 99.9995% of the fuel is still on site. No 185 keV gamma ever measured in the atmosphere after 311. Thus no uranium 235. No 1004 keV either, thus no U238. What gives? Stop rat farmers blowing smoke up people's asses. Surely you've learned something in 5 years. 311 middle schoolers now getting nuclear degrees. Why is that?

    1. "freed itself" you mean like the massive reactor 3 MOX explosion. Sheesh, to pretend the cladding would keep it all together under a violent nuclear explosion. Shame on you. See the new article about politicized lying scientists.


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