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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mutated Blood Found In Humans In Japan -- From Fukushima Radiation

Medical scientists have found people in Japan two new blood groups in addition to the known I, II, III and IV. This was announced by the French Institute of blood transfusion.
New blood types called Langereis and Junior, to distinguish them from traditional classifications. According to scientists, this phenomenon is associated with the leakage of radioactive substances resulting from the nuclear accident in Fukushima.
According to doctors, is to be expected in the near future to see additional changes. What scientists are saying in the future there will be at least another 15 new blood groups.


TV reporting on same

A reader submitted this link, abstract anyway, the rest is behind a paywall


  1. Not credible. No details given, no name of doctors or scientists, or medical institution or university, or Lab. No corroborating articles. Just two sensationalism B.S. trash websites.

  2. They are 2 "new" blood types that are difficult to classify & match but it has nothing to do with radiation from Fukushima: Beyond the ABO blood type and the Rhesus (Rh) blood type, the International Blood Transfusion Society recognizes twenty-eight additional blood types with names like Duffy, Kidd, Diego and Lutheran. But Langereis and Junior have not been on this list. Although the antigens for the Junior and Langereis (or Lan) blood types were identified decades ago in pregnant women having difficulties carrying babies with incompatible blood types, the genetic basis of these antigens has been unknown until now.

    Therefore, "very few people learn if they are Langereis or Junior positive or negative," Ballif says.

    "Transfusion support of individuals with an anti-Lan antibody is highly challenging," the research team wrote in Nature Genetics, "partly because of the scarcity of compatible blood donors but mainly because of the lack of reliable reagents for blood screening." And Junior-negative blood donors are extremely rare too. That may soon change.

    With the findings from this new research, health care professionals will now be able to more rapidly and confidently screen for these novel blood group proteins, Ballif wrote in a recent news article. "This will leave them better prepared to have blood ready when blood transfusions or other tissue donations are required," he notes.

    New blood types. I’m Bob Hirshon and this is Science Update.

    You might know whether your blood type is O, A, B, or AB, and Rh positive or negative. But there are actually 30 other ways to type blood, including two just identified by French scientists. The latest are based on proteins called Langereis and Junior. According to Biologist Lionel Arnaud of the French Institute of Blood Transfusion, they’re almost universal.

    Everybody on this planet are positive for this blood type. Except few of them. Extremely few of them.

    For the first time, Arnaud’s team discovered that some people can be negative – for instance, over fifty thousand Japanese people lack the Junior protein. These rare variations could explain why some blood transfusions go awry, even when the standard blood types match. And pregnant women who lack these proteins may also be at risk for miscarriages, if the fetus is positive. I’m Bob Hirshon for AAAS, the Science Society.

  4. Advances in research technologies in the past few years have made it possible to identify three new blood group systems: Langereis and Junior, identified in 2012, and Vel, discovered a year later in 2013. All three were named after the patients in whom they were first discovered.

    In Japan, there are around 2,500 people who are Langereis negative. Although Langereis-negative people have been found across the globe, their total numbers aren’t known. Also in Japan, there are some 50,000 people who are Junior negative. This blood type is thought to be rarer in the rest of the world, although there are some Junior-negative people among European gypsy communities. And around 400,000 people – mostly in Europe and the USA – are thought to be Vel negative.

  5. team is continuing to research new blood types.
    “We’re following up on more unknown blood types,” says Ballif. “There are probably on the order of 10 to 15 more of these unknown blood type systems — where we know there is a problem but we don’t know what the protein is that is causing the problem.”

    Source: University of Vermont Communications

  6. First off "Forbes" well known for it's fake financial news and unending support of nuclear propaganda via James Conca

    Second--Houston we have a problem--the epicenter of mutated blood is in Japan, hit by nuclear bombs, now by the worlds worst nuclear accident bar none. The problem is the military industrial cartel will not admit that radiation is a prime contributor to this blood type problem.

    Is it really a protein problem or a radiation problem.

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  8. Your banner states: "Exposing TRUTH"...Truth, my friend is INFALLIBLE, completely provable. Anything LESS is ... what?

    Screw Forbes, it's THIS that counts:
    Received for publication on 06 May 2011, May 6, 2011, less than a month after Fuku blew.
    They had been working on it before Fuku.
    Not all who have this protein were/are Japanese.
    Only about 50,000 Japanese are thought to be Junior negative.
    No mention of a radioactive connection.
    Trust me, I dug deep.

    1. Thanks for the dig. I would propose however, that the way to find truth, is not have data making it completely provable, but to use common sense and intuition.

      The problems we have to face and fix and the timeframes and resources constrain our solutions to something other than "the scientific method" for everything.

      We have to think, guess, postulate, test, refine and make advances quickly.

      The only nation that had been nuked openly, and then highly industrial, and then a massive radiation accident...

      Much of "science" is never pointing the finger at radiation, because the ICRP told them they can calculate it exactly like a bag of water and that it's "not that bad"

      stock out


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