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Monday, December 12, 2016

Reindeer Health and Weight Impacted by Radiation Absorbing Lichens

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They blame it on global warming while ignoring the 800 ton Gorilla, Fukushima
Lichen are complex organisms comprised of a fungus living in symbiosis with an alga or bacterium.
"The reindeer starve, aborting their calves or giving birth to much lighter young," said the BES.
Reindeer numbers have increased over the past two decades, said the research team, so greater competition for food likely also contributed to their smaller size.
This meant there could be more, but smaller reindeer in the Arctic in the decades to come, "possibly at risk of catastrophic die-offs because of increased ice on the ground."
The team has tracked Arctic reindeer since 1994, catching, marking and measuring 10-month-old calves every winter and returning the following year to recapture and note the animals' size and weight.


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