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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Pizza Gate Shooter -- An Obvious False Flag Meant to Take Down Gun Rights and "Citizen Journalists" At The Same Time

Never heard of Pizza Gate?    Google it.    Lots of coincidental evidence support the power "elite" of the USA engaged in skull skulduggery such as Satanism, and perhaps pedophilia.

Google Creepy Joe Biden, for one

And "Soul Cooking"

But if PizzaGate is true it would expose top government officials as Pedophiles.    That would be the end. 

So the makers of "fake news" the government and the news agencies as directed by their handlers/owners, have tried to expose the modern media (you know, Zerohedge, ENENEWS, Breitbart) as being the fake news.  

And by sending in their actor armed with an AR15, and actually firing a shot, for dramatic effect, and having the actor pretend that he was doing journalistic investigation, they can dupe some people into dismissing the real news about are sociopaths at the top.

Obviously, that is very important to "them".  

Just like the Sandy Hook videos, nothing in them smelled correct, nor does this.    I think many of them know if the wheels come off the cart exposing not just run of the mill criminals at the top, but Pedophiles, that they may lose more than just their jobs.

Keep smiling, keep exposing truth.

It's about time....a defamation suit by a long term blogger....against anonymous "expert" writer at the captured Washington Post.

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