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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Peak Life: US Life Expectancy Going Down Overall, Especially White People

stock here: I am a "coiner" and I have thus coined it today "Peak Life".   And indeed back in the day 1981/1982 winter season, coined the term "Cheesehead".   

"There's not a better indicator of well-being than life expectancy," he says. "The fact that it's leveling off in the U.S. is a striking finding."

Now, there's a chance that the latest data, from 2015, could be just a one-time blip. In fact, a preliminary analysis from the first two quarters of 2016 suggests that may be the case, says Robert Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch at the National Center for Health Statistics, which released the new report.

stock here -- and they are befuddled.

Let me break it down for you:

Since 1993 we have had:

1) Rampant corruption and collusion/capturing of US paid scientists at the EPA, CDC, NRC and more
2) Legalization and promotion of GMO "foods"
3) Massive increase in use of Glyphosate and other endocrine disruptors
4) Expansion of Big Pharma
5) The Monsanto protection act
6) Fukushima, and release of 2000 atomic bombs worth of radiation, and the coverup of such
7) The financial rape of the entire United States via the 2008 "crisis" and the knowledge that the fat bankers just stole our money and future, and they walk amongst us without prosecution.
8) The blatant power grab by the NWO jackals via Paris Climate "Agreement" and Pacific Trade agreements.
9) The capture of the Pope as a tool of the NWO.
10) Total media corruption and propoganda spreading
11) A Muslim loving president, who sneers as the USA is hobbled
12) Continuous warfare
13) Higher taxes
14) Exposure of massive and highly illegal spying program by Big Fed
15) Militarization of police forces, with predictable outcomes
16) NWO Bilderbergs funding riots in America, pitting everyone against everyone.
17) Poisoning of our water supply by various means, including fracking
18) Solar Radiation Management (aka Chemtrails) releasing toxic chemicals into our atmosphere.

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