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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Who Are These People That "Lead" Us? Podesta Shows An Amazing Amount of Coincidence

Madaline McCann was kidnapped at 4 yrs old in Portugal while sleeping, May 3, 2007.

One of our FBI insiders can confirmed the Intelligence community  indicates John and Tony Podesta were in Praia da Luz,  Portugal on May 3rd 2007– the day Madeleine McCann vanished.

The Podesta brothers were staying with a friend named “Clem.” Clement Freud, the grandson of psychopathology sex expert Dr. Sigmund Freud, who was known to be a pedophile.

This is a quote from our insider:  Of greater interest is that fact that Freud owned a villa in Praia da Luz.”

It was then revealed that Clement Freud’s villa in which the Podesta Brothers were staying, was in fact only a third of a mile from the exact location from which Madeleine was taken:

See the suspects, they are Podesta Brothers no wonder they are in PANIC!
These people will be killed if they gets out, and it is out!


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