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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wisconsin Retracts It's Statement On Human Caused "Climate Change"

Wisconsin tips the election away from Globalism, now Wisconsin gives a dirt nap to the "idea" that human greenhouse gases are causing climate change.

Instead the official position is now that "as is has done throughout the centuries, earth is going through a change"

Go Cheeseheads!
from WUWT

Here are links to the Internet Archives WayBack Machine’s version from October:
Climate Change and Wisconsin´s Great Lakes [October 2016]
and as it is today:
The Great Lakes and a changing world [December 2016]
Great post Bob, made my day here in Wisconsin a little brighter.
And yes the sun is shining here as I post (-:

It’s funny that in the Oct 2016 version, for the three bullet points listed that scientists agreed would happen, the exact opposite happened on the first two and the third one didn’t happen. No wonder they wanted to get rid of that wording, it was all wrong.

However, as hopeful as this seems, the bastion of pure bat shit crazy liberalism that is Madison Wisconsin, double down on the Warming Meme.   Completely ignoring the El Nino, AND of course, the temperature jiggering upward, and the complete blind eye to the "heat island" effects of cities.

But when anything having to do with Berkeley is more reasonable, than say Madison's position, the Madison (if they had any sense), would be re-assessing just what level of bat shit crazy they are.

Robert Rohde, Lead Scientist with Berkeley Earth, said “The record temperature in 2016 appears to come from a strong El Nino

Of course Berkeley Earth doubles down with
the results that are most solidly established are that the temperature is increasing and that the increase is caused by human greenhouse emissions.


  1. Geoengineering heat trapping, sunlight deflecting chemtrails is human activity which exacerbates climate change.

    1. Good point, I am not so much worried about the climate change aspect of those "hidden tools" but the unexpected consequences of toxicity


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