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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Crane Accident At Takahama Nuclear Plant, Radiation Doubles and Triples in Area

You can look at radiation levels at this Japanese site

At the bottom I have some pictures of the Crane accident.    I enlarged them and did a gamma correction to show more detail.   Looked around, these are the best available online.

Takahama is also a MOX plant so there is a goodly amount of Plutonium, Americium, and Uranium in that mix.     And those being alpha, they are not likely to be contributing much to the CPM since alpha only flies a few CM in air.   

i.e. the worst stuff is not being detected, hardly at all. 

I tried to use Google translate, but the map then wouldn't display.

A 400' tall crane mysteriously fell over, and landed on a building which is storing spent nuclear fuel.   "spent fuel" is the most dangerous, it is the fuel after being fissioned inside a working reactor for usually around 1.5 years.    It has the most dangerous radiation products, and lot's of them.    Roughly the equivalent of 1 to 3 nuclear bombs of radiation for each day of operation.     So a load of fuel from 1 reactor, run say 550 days, will have the equivalent of 550 to 1650 nuclear bombs. 

They said there was no radiation released due to the massive crane  falling over.   But the radiation maps available online show otherwise, the 3 closest to the plant are showing a clear spike of 200% to 300%, and staying high.


Farther away from the Takahama Plant, most readings show steady. 

Crane Accident

And here is some "piggy back" information from Vital1

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  1. What a load. 2*0 is still 0 for people outside plant boundary.


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