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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lying Government Scientists Are Being Found Out -- But Instead of Criminal Charges, They Get "Retirement Money"

stock here---uh, well, I guess this is a step in the rigth direction.....but......
This is at the USGS

“It is my recommendation and the unanimous counsel of the SIRP’s that the [lab] be immediately and permanently shut down,” Thornhill wrote. (RELATED: Federal Lab Forced To Close After ‘Disturbing’ Data Manipulation)
Some of Thornhill’s most egregious findings included:
  • “[P]ervasive scientific dysfunction” was “widely known” among USGS labs since at least 2008
  • “[T]here appears to be no portion of the [lab] in its current state that can be salvaged and ordered to resume work” and the facility faced an “irreparable loss of scientific integrity/reputation”
  • There “is ineffective leadership at all levels within the” lab and management is “dysfunctional and broken”
  • “Management inattentiveness” contributed to the lab’s “sub-standard performance and loss of scientific integrity”
  • Managers allowed “toxic work conditions” involving “offensive language and behavior”
  • “[I]nteractions between personnel … are plagued with mistrust and disrespect” and the “situation deteriorated even further” after the data manipulation was reported
  • There was a “disengagement from standard operating procedures … at all levels since at least 2008”

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