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Monday, January 16, 2017

Pro-Biotics -- A Key to Fighting Radiation Damage to The Body and Immune System

This is a broad subject, so I am just going to throw a bunch of ideas "on paper" for further development.

Just today, and article of how being overweight increases the chances of some cancers up to 500% higher chance. 

So here is stocks Hypothesis: Poor gut flora leads to poor digestion, and thus being overweight.   Poor gut flora also leads to poor immune system function.   The combination leads to Diseases and Cancer, especially when there is radiation and heavy metals in our environment.

Some sources say that your intestines are home to 500 million bacteria.   

Taking anti-biotics is very likely to trash your gut flora also.    So you need to focus on Pro-biotics during and after a round of anti-biotics.

Yogurt -- Very simple to make at home, just using Milk or Goats Milk and a $40 Yogurt maker.    You do need a "starter mix" of some store bought pro-biotic yogurt.   They say only use it twice.   I never got to the bottom of that theory, but speculate its for safety since bad bacteria may have a chance to multiply.    [Acidophilus, Bifidus, Thermophiles, and Bulgaricus]

Apple Cider Vinegar -- 2 Tablespoons, with a quick chaser of lemon water.

Pickles without Vinegar -- Lacto-Fermented --

Natto -- Fermented Soy Bean [Bacillus Subtilis] -- The Japanese simply call it Natto Bacteria

Miso -- Fermented Soy Beans, again, but can also be from rye, rice, or barley, but this time fermented with a fungus called Kojikan.

Kefir -- Created by adding Kefir grains to Milk which then ferment

Kimchi -- Garlic, Onions, Hot Peppers all in one pro-biotic goodness.   It's Korean Sauerkraut, and yes Korean Air travel company does in fact smell like Kimchi

Sauerkraut -- lol American Kinchi--  Make your own, jarred Sauerkraut sold in stores is probably "pasteurized" meaning they killed all the bacteria.   [lactobacillus, pediococcus, and leuconostoc]

Kombucha -- fermented sweetened black tea

Sourdough Bread -- [lactobacilli]

Ginger Beer

Also, Ginger and Garlic and Onion are all super healthy.

I grew 60 Hard Neck garlic and 300 Onions this year, Organic, of course.    Pretty much no bugs or fungus will attack Garlic or Onion, so they are "low maintenance".     And Garlic is cool, because you plant it in September

Onions -- great in all kinds of foods and soups.    But can they be eaten as a snack by themselves?

Indeed, the 300 organic onions (red yellow white) that I grew where all sweeter than Maui Onions.    I marinated some in equal amounts of Olive Oil, Shoyu, and Vinegar, and instead of grabbing some chips for a snack....pounded onions right out of the jar.     I used the smaller (planted deep and close to each other) so called "table onions"

Onions are extremely rich in fructo-oligosaccharides compounds that feed friendly microorganisms in your body. Think bifidobacteria, a microorganism that may relieve inflammatory bowel conditions and boost immune function

Gobo, aka Edible Burdock----read it, then grow it

Peppers and Hot Peppers

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