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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Victories Against Civilian Nuclear Power and It's Toxic Effects in 2016

1) Palisades on Lake Michigan --Closing 2018 -- Is one of the worst in the country, good riddance.   Along with Kewaunee that is already shut down, this is a great victory for Lake Michigan

2) Fort Calhoun in Nebraska, Closed Oct 24, 2016

3) Bellafonte in Alabama, Auctioned off for "scrap"

4) Quad Cities and Clinton nuclear in Illinois.    After a failed attempt to shake down the taxpayers and ratepayers, Exelon decided to cut their losses in mid 2016 announcing a closure.    Then on Dec 14 2016, political corruption and a lack of understanding of the costs, allowed the plants to stay open by fleecing the ratepayers.     Methinks this will be shortlived.  

The full text of the law can be found here

5) Diablo Canyon -- Will be Shutting Down -- But not until 2025


  1. I have heard rumors that they want to build a nuclear powerplant near my home in Cherokee county SC. I would hate to have to sell my beautiful 20 acres and move,but would.

    1. I would fight them on that.

      Ya, Drake, my "don't even think about it" limit would be 50 miles away, at least. stock out

  2. SC is gung ho with nuclear. SCANA on board. Close proximity to Savanah River site. Friendly regulatory and political culture. You'd lose big time.

    1. Oh, you mean close to the sacrifice zone of Savanah River? Nuke will pull out a few victories, making it's collapse even more apocalyptic


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