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Monday, February 13, 2017

Makaha Beach -- Shot With the Canon D6 at 300mm -- Radiation Not Apparent

So I am in Hawaii for a goodly amount of solar work.   My Christmas present to myself is a Canon D6 pro-grade camera and a few lens, speedlites, shoe mounted flashes that can trigger other flashes, and a remote release and interval timer, and a high quality tripod and a monopod.  

It performed exceptionally well at Red Rock Canyon.    And shooting directly into the sun, with a UV filter, also did quite well yesterday in my 1.5 hours on the beach to avoid baking my pasty white skin.  

It looks so beautiful, what a shame that sociopathic powers that be refuse to properly address the Fukushima radiation problem.    Whale count coming up in less than 2 weeks.   It will be interesting.


LOL a nice "water witch" look as the water integrates with her dress


  1. Paradise. Thanks for sharing. Post more photos please.

    1. TY I will as schedule allows....need to get to work, and hopefully have at least Sundays off.

      Who are you Anon?

  2. No question, the best gift is one to yourself! Nice camera, puts us right on the beach! If you could Sir and time allows snap some shots of the Earth's nursery, the tidal pools.

    Last request, what's the UV radiation readings on that beautiful Island? We've been going off the charts! Canada's scientist creates a chart that goes to 11, we've blown past this level. From Live Science: On Dec. 29, 2003, a world-record UV index of 43.3 was detected at Bolivia's Licancabur volcano.

    A radiation detector left on the 19,423-foot-tall (5,920 meters) peak picked up the extreme spike in UV-B radiation during the Southern Hemisphere summer. A UV index of 43 is more similar to surface radiation on Mars (you could not pay me to go to that rock) than typical conditions on Earth.(end Live Science) Now that reading is at high elevation but here on the ground we have the UV readings measuring 10 and above, we're seeing it! Some commenting on this subject have recorded 16! A fella on YouTube (MrMBB333) with a handheld GENERAL. More and more people are getting interested in this high level of UV radiation. Sun blocker? How about Sun Suite! You know the foil look, heat suits!


    1. Thats a topic for a good data dumpster dive...does weakening magnetic field allow more UV.

      We know it allows more gamma/cosmic rays

      Ah what a perfect world, more plant food, more clouds in general, but stronger sun when it is sunny. My cornucopia is half full and growing.

    2. Just looking at our two neighbors Venus and Mars, no magnetic field and that hood is toast! Like you mention more gamma, well we're experiencing pole shift, records show the magnetic field weakening and records of some damage to the ozone, we are recording higher UV. Yeah, dumpster dive to get away from it!

  3. Mental note: I know I can get readings from locations around the world of UV online but since you're doing solar what's your findings?

    Thanks Stock

    1. It has been fairly cloudy, fairly wet here 1.5 weeks, so hard to make any call.


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