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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

11,000 Wikileaks documents related to Fukushima

hattip TacomaGroove

Important / urgent: MUST READ- NOW!!!
Global intelligence file dumps from wikileaks involving fukushima-

262 files on cesium:

282 files iodine:

2470 files meltdown:

4062 files reactor

344 files uss ronald reagan

4131 files fukushima

1063 files on blackout (mixed batch)


  1. Can't thank you enough for the information. Do you know if Hillary's emails are included, because those are the real smoking guns that can verify the initial accounts of FD?

    1. The Hillary emails are here, from an article at Nukepro on Hillary

    2. This is the e-mail I could find (using date search)

      I will add this post's link to the bottom of the page.


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