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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fukushima Now Being Recognized as A Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster

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The truth is "leaked out".    It prevents a dramatic response for the population at large.   A revolt is avoided.   And as the years go by, some sheeple switch to "I knew that all along". 


20:44 1 April 2017
Fukushima nuclear disaster aftermath cost estimated at 70 tril. yen

TOKYO, April 1, Kyodo

The total cost to deal with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster has been estimated at 70 trillion yen ($626 billion), over three times more than the government calculation, a study by a private think tank showed Saturday.

The Japan Center for Economic Research said total costs at the Fukushima nuclear complex operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. could rise to between 50 trillion and 70 trillion yen. It compares with the roughly 22 trillion yen a government panel estimated in December.

"If costs rise, the public burden could greatly increase. The country's nuclear policy needs to be reviewed," the JCER said.


  1. The Cost Is incalculable...Like Greed.. The X multiplier Of Nuclear Death & the next... Nuclear Melt Downs, Are coming... Sorry, Just The Eyes, Of An Old Tech. Thank's Nuke Pro For Your Blog.& Posts ....

    1. De nada, indeed cost of the death of the Pacific, just for starters

      thanks for chiming in


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