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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kenny Boy Testing Krill in Fukushima

I found that Kenny Boy has been testing some krill and phytoplankton.

He says

In terms of potential biological impacts, radiation doses in marine organisms are generally dominated by the naturally occurring radionuclides 210Po (an alpha emitter) and 40K, even when organisms are exposed to anthropogenic radioactivity discharged to coastal waters (14). To be comparable just to doses from 210Po, 137Cs levels in fish would need to range from 300 to 12,000 Bqkg−1 dry weight, some 1–3 orders of magnitude higher than what we observed ≥30 km off Japan.

We know Po is dangerous to spies…..

Have you studied Po?    Is he making his comparison based on “energy deposited to a bag of water”

Quite a lot of studies on Marine Po

The concentrations of210Po and210Pb were determined in about 30 species of marine organisms collected mainly from the north-easterm region of Japan to know the levels and distributions of these radionuclides and to estimate their intake levels from marine foods.210Po and210Pb showed a wide range of concentration in species: 0.6–26 and 0.04–0.54 Bq/kg (wet wt) in fishes, 0.5–220 and 0.2–43 Bq/kg (wet wt) in molluscs, echinoderms and chordatas, and 2.8–4.3 and 0.4–1.3 Bq/kg (wet wt) in algae, respectively. Higher accumulation of210Po relative to210Pb was found in all of the samples analyzed. The intake levels of210Po and210Pb by marine foods consumption were roughly estimated to be 0.48–0.69 and 0.022–0.042 Bq/d per person, respectively, on the basis of the statistical data on the consumption of seafood and/or production rates of marine foods.

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  1. You can see here why Kenny needs heavyweights to lean on Dana and issue gag orders where he can (in no-fee-speech Canada) since his phony "research" is getting exposed for the murderous scam it is.

    1. Yep, and on a humorous side Jay Cullen trolls me using my real email and my real company.

      Can it be that these types are not even self-aware?


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