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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Shelter In Place (For Radiation Emergency) -- A Logical Well Thought Out Guide on Emergency Supplies You Need to Gather Now

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stock here: Updated the Shelter in Place Listing 4-25-17.     Click on the link in red below and you can view or download a Word document.   It's worth a look.

Tomorrow, Trump meets with all 100 senators for a briefing on North Korea.    That likely means war, and that could go nuclear. 
A day or 3 after that USA will be pelted with fallout.   

Print this list now, in a font you can read in lower light.
Start pulling it together in one or 2 large boxes.    But keep them to a size that the second strongest member of your group can still load into a vehicle in case Shelter in Place turns into Get The Hell out of Dodge.

It took me about 3 weeks to pull together all this stuff in an efficient manner.   It could probably be done in 1.5 days with a full court press effort.   

When the SHTF there won't be electricity, computers, thumbdrives, readers.

Click above for Nukepro's really good preparedness kit.   FREE.

Nuclear Survival Skills

Read now, Print Now....when you need them you won't have the ability to start up your computer and printer.   Do not store "online", do not store on a thumbdrive.    Knock yourself upside the head and think about what it will be like.

1-7-2012 Just found another good one


  1. A very good refresher and new info for the younger set.
    But - wow - did you ever have a plumbing problem and have the only toilet in a household malfunction/be out of commission for 24 hours??
    FIRST consideration in your basement 'shelter' or other digs is plenty of research about body functions and enclosed space.

    Here's a handbook -

    and some structure test info

    1. p. 45 on the sanitation is pretty lame. It says have a bucket and garbage bags.
      The whole thing is written like you can come outside to clean air in 48 hours.
      Maybe have better amount of bags and lots of tape to seal them. And kitty litter or something.... anything.

    2. I had to use the bucket system a couple o Christmas's ago. Let me tell you my wife and daughter after 3 day's of changing bags and trip's to the dump they had had it with the bucket system. the smell in the garage was not the best. We use spray and other deodorizers but it wasn't smelling the best. It was at Christmas and our plumber was out of town for three was great to get everything back to normal.We now have a great composting toilet. It's a "Nature's Head". It's well worth the money as we don't have any problems.

    3. Anon, how much did you have to pay for that system. Looks like great backup, say if the septic piping froze out in winter, or lost the well pump.

  2. "Knock yourself upside the head and think about what it will be like." Answer, Mad Max! Wow Stock, I've never met you in person but damn glad to have known you sir. This could be the last transmission? Agenda 21, frickin UN & NWO nut jobs. There might be some light though, love you man, God's Speed. Wrote this on Friday-

    1. I am honored to correspond with you Mr. Brewer. Amazing that only 1% can see clearly. At first it bothered me, real stress that was not beneficial, but I am past that stage.

      The globalists and their liberal sheep who amazingly think they hold the higher moral ground shall have a special place in hell. In the meantime, I shall joust their arses here.


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