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Sunday, May 21, 2017

(2) Ohio Nuclear Plants to Close As Utilities Chairman Refuses to Cave to Utility Pressure

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Davis-Besse and Perry Nuclear Plant will be closing 

New York and Illinois, both bastions of epic corruption have seen their utilities commission either cave in or just be bought out by utilities they are supposed to regulate.  

Not so for Ohio, and good for them!   it would have fleeced around $5.25B from citizens.

My immediate personal goal is the shutdown of all nuclear plants on Lake Michigan, and then on all the Great Lakes.

Opponents are praising a decision to suspend deliberations on the proposed financial rescue of Ohio's two nuclear plants, even as Akron-based FirstEnergy continues to push for the deal.
House Public Utilities Chairman Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati Republican, discontinued testimony on legislation containing the proposal Wednesday after vocal protests by consumer, business, and environmental groups and energy competitors.
"I am not sensing a keen desire on the part of the House members to vote on this and doubt that we will have more hearings in the near future unless something cataclysmic should happen," quoted Seitz as saying.

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