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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Earth Now In A Dangerous Earthquake Phase

Things have been normal for months.   Suddenly big things are happening.   Like the 6.8s in Alaska Canada the other day.    Looks at todays EQ and notes.

And see below for Ben's SO observation on space weather, magnetics, electric fields, and Earthquakes.    It also shows how incredibly inept, how incredibly sad "science" has become.    They want to spend $20T to fight carbon, yet they don't even talk about planting trees. 

USGS has spent $500M in studying earthquakes and want to "one day" be able to predict EQ 12 seconds in advance.     Yet some guy (no offense meant to say it like that) in a Mobile home can eat their lunch.

A reader/blogger added to this story with a continuing swarm in Alaska


  1. Quite Large Quake Swarm in Alaska Now After 6.3M Quake Strikes < UPDATED
    ... terrific after-shocks ... maybe a big one is coming again...


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