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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Massive Sea Life Die-Offs On The West Coast Continue -- I Know The Reason

Well here is some stuff that will rock your world.

Krill off gas elements that cause cloud nucleation.   Strong sun hurts krill, so its a protective effect.   Clouds mean cooler temperatures.

Krill use a tough biological structure called Chitin.   Chitin absorbs man-made radiation at rates of 200 to 20,000 background levels.   Radiation destroys the bonds that make Chitin a useful structure.   

So even "low" levels of man-made radionuclides, can bio-magnify and kill the krill, meaning less clouds, and hotter temperatures.   Incidentally the krill sink pretty quickly, taking the radiation to Davy Jones Locker.

Obviously we had an el Nino, but on top of that we had the progression of Fukushima fallout and continued releases into the Pacific, a so called "blob" of radiation as measured by Woods Hole Oceangraphic Institute, which moved pretty in line with the hottest of the blobs.    This radiation/krill/cloud heating event superimposed on top of the El Nino.   

We saw the results with half the whales gone from Hawaii in 2016 and I participated in the 2017 NOAA whale count, but haven't reviewed their synopsis, not sure if it is completed.   And of course on the West Coast, the mass die-offs should be readily apparent to anyone not living under a rock.    One main basis of the ocean food chain, the krill, have been toasted by radiation.    

NOAA in 2016, under direction from top government to push for the Paris Climate Scam, blamed the die-offs on domoic acid, even though the test results clearly show that only 1 to 3% were caused by domoic acid.

This is the world that we live in.    stock out

The scientific basis for this bio-magnification effect on Chitin is here

When even the Huffpost reports on items like this, you know things are bad, this is from 4 years ago

Krill are actually cleaning the ocean for us.    How do we know this for sure?   A scientific review of the 2 main isotopes of Cesium, CS-134 and CS-137 proves how this is happening.  The details are in the link below, and a quick summary, the CS-134 is 15 times more radioactive, the krill that absorb the CS-134 are killed more quickly and sink to the bottom.    So you would expect to find less CS-134 in the water.    And science does show exactly that.

from comments

Protected moron, Jay Cullen cheers video shots of B.C. coast 100% devoid of birds and almost all life in tidal pools.

Some link these changes in the marine ecosystem to the very low levels of Fukushima derived radioisotope contamination present offshore and recently detected at the shoreline although there is little evidence to support such views nor are such impacts very likely.

No wonder he has to resort to gag orders to stay in his job. Just muscles and some sea urchins taking over the scorched tidal pools.

video -

More Materials for future compilation

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer
Truth in nuclear is a multidisciplinary requirement. The scientists are too narrow…and too stuck.
Heres a big one they are stuck on; Assumed stochastic effect of radiation dose. It is now known that low level radiation causes reduced health, or morbidity of various degree. But this truth is blocked out of the scientist mind.
Damage from fallout is not a random yes/no all or nothing thing. Man made nuclear radiation has become a chronic environmental stress that didnt exist with background radiation. Not because of quantity, but radiation density. Every C137 atom is a hot particle to a cell. 'doping' the intracellular millieu with even very low levels of fallout changes the bonds, ionic gradients and messenger molecules. In particular, the mitochondria are downgraded.
we were talking about glutamate, Domoic acid, thrombosis and chronic disease. This is a chain of ideas no marine biologist is going to put together. It is only a hypothesis, but its an example of how biology can amplify the effects of radiation, which disqualifies the dose concept.
Domoic acid is a glutamine analog. It is used by the Nietsche algae to transport metals. Both glutamine and DA absorb or chelate heavy metals. Now lets look at a dolphin…various chemical stressors deplete glutamine. Cancer depletes glutamine. …

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  • Farthington MacMananus
    A bit unrelated, but would you say msg and glutamine are the same? And that the reactions or metabolic processes related to them are identical?

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    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
      Farth is that a trick question? Monosodium glutamate is 'natural' found in tomatoes and other foods. But not identical to glutamine, being the sodium salt of glutamic acid. It seems up to 40% of the population is negatively sensitive to MSG. Perhaps natural foods of complexes which make msg benign whereas isolated and processed may register as a contaminant, or even in fact be contaminated. I havent studied it. The key is to default to natures ways and tread carefully

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  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
    algae that has a survival advantage by being able to eliminate nuclear fallout can bloom in the ongoing competition amongst algaes (and of course all life). In fact the domoic acid production may be increased by fallout…uproven, but possible, as the increase in domoic acid poisoning has increased along with the nuclear fallout pollution. A dolphin that is at all depleted of glutamine may absorb the chemically similar DA, along with its load, however small, of radioactive fallout. This excitatory glutamine analog wreaks havoc in neurons and may be stored in glial cells, a typical biochemical pathway.

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    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
      microscopic hot spots of radiation create free radicals and these free radicals or reactive oxygen species have very complex functions, among which is a signal or messenger factor. An inflammation response is triggered which can cause a cascade or amplification effect. Meanwhile, glutamine is intimately related to mitochondria dysfunction.
      Glutamine is a multifaceted amino acid that plays key roles in many metabolic pathways and also fulfills essential signaling functions. "mitochondria represent a major site of glutamine metabolism in numerous cell types. Glutaminolysis is mostly a mitochondrial process with repercussions in organelle structure and dynamics suggesting a tight and mutual control between mitochondrial form and cell bioenergetics. [the linked] review describes an updated account focused on the critical involvement of glutamine in oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and tumour cell proliferation, with special emphasis in the initial steps of mitochondrial glutamine pathways: transport into the organelle and hydrolytic deamidation through glutaminase enzymes. "

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      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
        So we noticed friends getting these blood clotting problems. Of course it is impossible to tie to nuclear fallout. But the above links suggest how even small alterations of the free radical cellular milieu can induce a cascade of inflammation.
        Inflammation is at the root of much disease.
        "Emerging evidence indicates that impaired cellular energy metabolism is the defining characteristic of nearly all cancers regardless of cellular or tissue origin. In contrast to normal cells, which derive most of their usable energy from oxidative phosphorylation, most cancer cells become heavily dependent on substrate level phosphorylation to meet energy demands. … genomic instability and essentially all hallmarks of cancer, including aerobic glycolysis (Warburg effect), can be linked to impaired mitochondrial function and energy metabolism."
        so by taking the ion exchange resin concept, we can see that many biological materials can bioaccumulate the very small levels of fallout we are exposed to and the action is not limited to random bullet hits to DNA, but can affect the entire signaling chemistry, inflammation cascades and mitochondria function. This happens on an atomic/molecular level which is why they very high specific activity of man made radiation is implicated and distinguishes it from some forms of background radiation, especially the natural radionuclides with very long half lives like k-40, ubiquitous….


  1. Protected moron, Jay Cullen cheers video shots of B.C. coast 100% devoid of birds and almost all life in tidal pools.

    No wonder he has to resort to gag orders to stay in his job. Just muscles and some sea urchins taking over the scorched tidal pools.

    video -


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