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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Nuclear Operatives (aka Trolls) Infiltrate Web Sites That Go Against the US Gov Desired Narrative

Hippie Dog
"I caught Kenny boy testing plankton, and not reporting results"

Interesting and something I'll personally look into…


Let's face it Ken is the head and is a mouthpiece, he is not the one that actually does the testing.

Gathering samples, transporting them and the many stages of testing things as complicated (and hard to read) as foods and water for individual isotopes requires 100's of people.
If you look at the sea reads they are on point. problem seems to be noone can understand the results so sea water results are posted without worry.
Foods like kelp and plankton are a no brainer. If there is any AT ALL in it it's a problem. Easy to understand right?
Any levels could ruin a global industry. I think we should ALL be able to view and know the results. But this creates a problem, a world wide problem. So the results must be tested again and again with the same result for a no holds barred release of information.
We know in our knowers (those that have actually been studying this stuff) That certain isotopes decay and change the overall readings over time so this creates a lawyers dream for not releasing the results. They can argue to the cows come home that the results don't show the same levels and therefore can not be accurate. So the argument is since the tests are not showing the same results when repeated they must be flawed.
Simple argument for a food lawyer to block the public release of results.

We should support these people instead of casting doubt…
Doubt is why we can't see the results to begin with…

earthsmith earthsmith
Yeah just smile that radio-toxicity away. No doubt about it. It's poses no threat "they" said so. "We" just need to support that..simple ain't it.

"Yeah just smile that radio-toxicity away. No doubt about it. It's poses no threat "they" said so. "We" just need to support that..simple ain't it."
It would be if any of that was true.
But I think you know what I was saying.
Support those that test like woods hole!
A very complicated process (testing water and food) that you can't possibly do.
I have no personal opinion on Ken. Infact I don't even pay attention to him, I pay attention to the results of the testing at WH.
The numbers aren't a political he said she said debate.
The numbers are not subject to your opinion or what he said or what she said. They aren't up for debate or assumption nor are test results subject your need to talk bad about someone or something.
The results are the results and if we want to see more of them we need to support the testing and disclosure whole heartily.
NEVER casting doubt on the testing, only doubt on the nay sayers that make it harder still to get the actual results by reinforcing doubt in the accuracy or spouting that the most poison substances on earth are not a problem…
Cry like a spoiled brat or be a responsible adult…
After all it's only the future of the planet we are dealing with…

CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
a bullet was fired into the dense crowd. Scientific testing using the sample number required to achieve statistically significant results showed that likely no one was hit. Not a he said, she said debate, just the numbers.

I don't support anything about Woods Hole

Numbers=dollars…the scientific method. Oh what numbers are you looking for? Yeah "we" can support that.

Obvious points out how Woods Hole if 80% funded by the US Government

start here:

** 2005:

** 80 percent of its annual budget is supported by federal grants and contracts

** 2010: NIST "With ultimate research targets ranging from off-shore wind power and coral reef ecology to quantum physics and nanotechnology, the 12 projects will launch more than $250 million in new laboratory construction projects beginning early this year."

** 2016: Coalition for National Security Research Members listincludes WHOI: Files/Key Issues/Budget %26 Appropriations/FY17/CNSR-FY17-Funding-Statement.pdf "DOD funded educational programs that cultivate a new generation of talented engineers and scientists"

** Then google search (for period 1/1/2000 to 12/31/2016): woods hole oceanographic institution department of defense dod

and this is interesting – 2015: WHOI sustained a “sophisticated, targeted attack”
"WHOI isn’t a company or a government agency, but given its close ties with the US military and the National Science Foundation, it’s not exactly a regular research institution, either."

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