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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Poor Temperature Data Caused By Cities, Concrete, "Heat Islands" Means Global Warming Is Even More of A Lie


This is just one example of temperature sensors under AC units, in the middle pf asphalt parking lots, etc. The site is filled with examples if you search under how not to measure temperature.

The North Pole was once tropical long before humans came around and destroyed the planet and somehow life survived and thrived, even when the temperatures went the other way. If CO2 is the problem, plant more trees. Problem solved.

CO2, climate change, global warming, etc. are just useless bits propaganda to keep people in fear. Talking about carbon dioxide does nothing to alleviate the toxins and VOCs spewed into the air and water supply, yet the mainstream media that hasn't reported on Fukushima is trying to tell the world that CO2 is far more dangerous than radiation or the GOM blowout or any other environmental catastrophe.

If they lied about 9-11, then they would surely lie about something like Global Warming (renamed Climate Change because there is no global warming).

NASA admitted to fabricating climate data because their data did not supported the concept of GW. GW only existed because Ken Lay gave Al Gore 20% of the carbon trade exchange in exchange for not contesting the 2000 election. Al Gore had one science class for which he earned a D. GWB took the same class and got a gentleman's C. Gore is a hypocrite and a con artist pushing the GW scam.


  1. That's a very valid point, Stock. When I was in Jr College in the 80s and then Uni in the 90s in the environmental studies program, we discussed and studied the urban design heat sink climate. Some offsetting solutions exist - white roofs, white streets, more shade providing trees, transportation and commuter tweaks (fewer autos/less drivers - more home office workers), etc.. But, how many cities actually use offsetting tech and practice?

    1. Ya, we sure see those NOAA "scientists" jacking up the ocean temperatures to compensate for "mis measurement" but you never see them correcting land based temp readings down to account for the heat island effect. Most sensors are in cities / heat islands. Shameful this level of "science"


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