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Friday, May 12, 2017

Radioactive Storage Tunnel Collapse at Hanford, Plutonium Releases Likely

stock here:  the recent collapse of a Radiation Storage Tunnel, which in reality is a Radiation Storage Linear mound, threatens the USA with toxic Plutonium.

They have since infilled it with 55 truckloads of dirt, so that will slow the release.   But still allow rainwater to leech the nuclear waste into the groundwater.

An ENE participant found this interesting data....indeed, these "tunnels" are extremely hazardous.
From the Hanford website:
"There are four events that would cause an unmitigated exposure of at least 25 rem to a non-worker located 100 meters away: • An atmospheric dispersible event caused by a partial or complete failure of the PUREX structures. This would be a short acute ground release duration event without plume meander causing the following unmitigated exposures. Storage Tunnel No. 1 –58 rem; Storage Tunnel No. 2 –76 re; 202-A Building and systems –120 rem. • A fire in PUREX Tunnel #1 associated with its wooden structure could cause an unmitigated exposure of 70 rem. • A partial collapse of the 202-A building roof could cause a 25 rem exposure. • A fire in the N-Cell could cause an exposure of 25 rem because of the residual inventory in the gloveboxes, potential combustibles, and potential ignition from S&M operations."
That explains why the folks at Hanford sent everyone home.

This link found by missFrill has a wealth of Hanford information.


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  1. Nuke Pro - NEWS TIP!
    I found this page on Hanford and you can look up all kinds of things on it --

    I am blogging the death records story now ....

    1. TY missFrill, added to the article as a link.

  2. Looks like cbs and CNN are a couple of the leading pro nuclear media PR whores

  3. Richland, WA
    "March 22, 2018 05:21 PM

    A total of 42 Hanford workers inhaled or ingested radioactive contamination from demolition of the nuclear reservation’s Plutonium Finishing Plant.

    The final results of worker tests after a December spread of contamination at the plant found 11 Hanford workers had inhaled or ingested radioactive particles, according to information released Thursday.
    That’s on top of the 31 positive test results after a similar spread of contamination in June at the plant in the center of the nuclear reservation."


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