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Friday, May 19, 2017

Suggested Reading List -- Since Mass Media Is On a Crash and Burn Course

From my Library

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
The Mania Chronicles
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Crossing the Rubicon
Financial Astrology
Climate: The Key to Understanding Business Cycles
The Sociopath Next Door
Never Be Lied To Again
Fooled by Randomness (Taleb)

Deadly Deceit
The Teachings of Buddha
The Art of War
The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

Kelly  Ann suggested
Check out "The Sellout" by Paul Beatty. This one is satire, but hysterical and relevant given the desire of the PTB to create a race war. It won the Man Booker in 2016. Best fiction book I ever read (I owned a bookstore for twelve years). Warning: you may need a dictionary nearby. Man Booker judge wrote that her husband wouldn't let her read that book in bed because she laughed out loud on every page.
If you liked Confederacy of Dunces, this is ten times better.

Down by the River suggested:

In the Absence of the Sacred
by Jerry Mander
A critique of our unquestioned acceptance of technology and progress.


I read this book in 1972 and began practicing techniques that I learned and modified over the years. It changed my life in so many profound ways. All for the good
Journeys out of the body; Robert A Monroe
From the above link;
"In 1958, without any apparent cause, I began to float out of my physical body. It was not voluntary; I was not attempting any mental feats. It was not during sleep, so I couldn't dismiss it as simply a dream. I had full, conscious awareness of what was happening, which of course only made it worse. I assumed it was some sort of hallucination caused by something dangerous – a brain tumor, or impending mental illness. Or imminent death.
"It occurred usually when I would lie down or relax for rest or preparatory to sleep – not every time but several times weekly. I would float up a few feet above my body before I became aware of what was happening. Terrified, I would struggle through the air and back into my physical body. Try as I might, I could not prevent it from recurring." (Monroe, 2-3)
A word of caution should be in order before you try anything.
Monroe used the word "terrified", which is putting it mildly.
In any state of sub-consciousness you will need to have a word or words, of your choosing, that will allow you to immediately return to your body. DO THIS BEFORE you start practicing your…
·  SadieDog
Don't forget the guide to living in 2017… '1984'.
I also like Twain. Drunk, profane, sarcastic, smart. "Profanity is more necessary to me than is immunity from colds."
SadieDog, RIGHT! I didn't list it because it isn't on my shelf. Gave it to a brother who was living in la la land of what we have been told.
Best book on the brain I've ever read. 'Understanding Consciousness' by Max Velmans


A Pillar of Iron, written by Taylor Caldwell. Written in the 1960's, but still very relevant today.
Secrets of the Temple
The Prize
RE: The Sociopath Next Door

I think that was me, Stock. I am glad you read it… knowledge is power when dealing with psychopaths. May I suggest another book that expands on your knowledge – how the psychopaths influence normal people and actually turn normal thinking into pathological thinking (i.e., as Casteneda said: They give us their MINDS). "Political Ponerology" ( ) subtitle: A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes.
This is available now as a free pdf .
The other (small) book that will help is "Without Conscience" by Dr Robert Hare, who did the PCL-R the Psychopathy Checklist, revised. This is my choice for non-clinical readers.

The definitive tome on the subject is "The Mask of Sanity", which is also available for free

The information is so important that they are making it available FREE. The word has to get out before the planet is destroyed. Talk about it! Tell people about these predators…. we all know some of them. Sometimes it just needs to be pointed out to people – what this is.

for Stock, Dazy and Trog — thanks for the feedback. When I posted the links etc two years ago there was some interest… as the reign of our Wetiko president rolls on, the need for this info has become more apparent.

The reference to Jung is appropriate. The substrate of reality that Jung worked at is the level we are talking about. I love his work… there are some great video's on his ideas – like this one – . The lecturer who did this has other great lectures (anyone want to go back to college??)

Of course, at this point, the psychopathy is widespread… not just in government or high positions… it's inveigled (def: to entice, lure, or ensnare by flattery or artful talk or inducements) its way into all professions. This is what "Political Ponerology" is all about.

Trog ! it's a tough book and you can do it.. don't give up on the clinical-ness of it.. this understanding will empower your life.

I love all of you folks – the hearth-warmers. Standing in witness to what we've done to our world. The conscious spirit lives beyond this material world… we are eternal.




  1. Also, this is a great collection edited by Theodore Roszak "Ecopsychology" and video interview "What is Ecopsychology?"


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