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Friday, May 5, 2017

Toxic Environment Creating Huge Numbers of Early Deaths Among Otherwise Healthy People

This is just one example, but keep your ears open, these examples are all over the place.

Another man, felled by leukemia at 31, very healthy lifestyle.

"Young" people, dying quickly after contracting a disease, often cancer.   By young, I mean, 57, 62, 65.     This story is about Ken Leghorn from Alaska.  

This is a result of our toxic environment.   Including radiation and heavy metal damage due to ocean dumping of nuclear material and Fukushima.

This article explains why the traditional way to present "life expectancy" way underestimates reality.

Summary: Everyone uses the "mean" aka the average.    A very few short lives can sway the statistics greatly. 

But when we look at the actual chart, we see for men, the most likely age at death is 86, but the average is 78/79

So when a otherwise healthy person dies at 62, the chart by inspection shows that that early death is actually very unlikely.

Pancreatic cancer - excellent diet, care and attention to life-long health.

Fukushima fuel flea???

From an Alaska native

Yeah, from a distance. I know his best friend and the circle he ran in. All prep school and East coast edu...and the life he lived as a guide for big-money guests to Alaska. He ate well from the land and sea of SE Alaska; he hadn't been warned. Like most of us. Never knew what hit him. So instead of loading up on cannabis, he went rad and chemo [don't know for a fact, but it looks like it. We all know the look.]

stock here: A continued focus on our "toxic environment" is justified.    This year has seen many changes for me, for the better.    Also just fixing past mistakes and realizing that "small insults" to the body and mind add up, and are worth eliminating whenever we can identify them.

For instance, I had Calphalon pots and pans.   Anodized aluminum.    And when the anodization is gone, you are eating aluminum, which is not good.    It's a neuro-toxin like Fluoride.

Well the Calphalon was getting old and wore down.     It went into the garbage, actually to the single sort recycling that the village offers.    And replaced with a multilayer stainless set.

Also last year, stopped using toothpaste with Fluoride.   Easy peasy, Amazon prime.    I went through my emergency Shelter in Place boxes to check and refresh, threw out a tube of Crest with Fluoride and replaced with the good stuff.   Hilarious seeing in my mind's eye, a process of surviving through a radiation emergency while loading yourself with Fluoride.   The absurdity of it all, LOL.

See below, Lot's Wife always send mind provoking links, these are on Aluminum.

And finally, Hawking declares a 100 year deadline to either colonize another planet or risk extinction of the human race.   Indeed I agree.   I have considered the idea bringing a child into my life via birth or adoption, but the future is so hazy, there is no clarity on whether this would be "responsible" and what kind of a future could I guarantee for that child.



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