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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Japan Nuclear Cartel Admits (Today) Plutonium Release, Enough to Kill 847,143 Humans

Added on Thursday, Majia is a real writer/author and has an article on this same subject, you can find it here:


On just May 4, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists published an article about the closing of the failed Monju reactor in Japan.     It only operated for less than 5% of it's existence, plagued with problems.      They spent $9B for a failure

Then on May 7, 2017 Monju announces that 300 grams of Plutonium 239 "flew out" of a bag.

This may not sound like much, but it only takes 350 micrograms of Plutonium to pretty much for sure, kill you, WITHIN A FEW YEARS.  Some people say as little as 1 microgram COULD kill you, and that is true, just not likely to kill you that fast.

So 300 grams is 300,000,000 micrograms.    Divide that by 350 micrograms/sure death and you get

847,143 Potential "Almost For Sure Kill You Quickly" Human Deaths 

Another story pegs the total body burden at 360,000 Bq for one man.   And gives a reason for why plutonium "flew out".

Nuclear: A bad idea… Really bad.
…According to the JAEA, the total level of radioactive materials that entered the man's blood, bones, organs and other parts of his body was estimated at 360,000 becquerels, based on the amount detected in his lungs.

The agency said that when the worker opened the bolted lid of a steel container during a check, the plastic bag inside ruptured, scattering dust containing uranium and plutonium.

"Over time, the atomic nuclei of uranium, plutonium and other such substances break down, releasing helium nuclei (alpha rays). When stored over a long time, helium gas would build up, and it's possible that the pressure inside the container rose, resulting in the rupture."
Sources close to the JAEA also acknowledged this possibility, with one commenting, "It may not have been a good idea to use a polyethylene container, which had a possibility of rupturing, for storage over a long period."

Japan is attempting to BRAINWASH people into moving back into contaminated areas.   My early estimate was that Japan would lose 10% of their main island, and 10% GDP for 10 Years.    

HillbillyHoundDog had this to say about the "Japan Atomic Industrial Forum"

Someone please let the victims of mass die-offs know that earthquakes, nuclear disasters and the subsequent fallout is attributable to "fun", "makes your eyes sparkle when you think of Fukushima" ("the objective of the experts") and it makes "teenagers more objective towards their families and more positive".

They must address their "mental circuitry" and focus on "PTG (post-traumatic growth)" instead of PTSD. That's all the JAIF has, but, apparently, it's enough to overcome the harmful rumors and radiation in Fukushima.


You know, it's this kind of delusional thinking that got nuclear in this mess. What a brainwashing scam.

Scientists’ Feeling of Happiness, Relative to People’s Image of Fukushima

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