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Monday, June 12, 2017

Nuclear Plant In Belgium At Risk of a Large Scale Meltdown -- Could Happen any Time

stock here-- Another example of insanity related to nuclear. They operate known unsafe reactors to keep making money, but the cost of an accident in Belgium could be MANY Trillions. Japan got off easy, 90% of their radiation went to the ocean or USA --------------------------------------------------------------------


New cracks found in Tihange 2 Belgian nuclear power plant

More micro-cracks have been discovered at the Belgian Tihange 2 nuclear reactor near the German border. Belgian authorities say the nuclear plant is still safe.
Seventy new micro-cracks have been discovered in the high-pressure boiler at the aging Tihange 2 nuclear reactor in Belgium, since the last inspection in 2014.
Experts using ultrasonic technology found the new cracks after positioning the camera in a different direction, according to a response from Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon to a parliamentary question from the Green party.
The security of the Tihange nuclear power plant is not in doubt and it will continue to operate, Jambon said. From flyingcuttlefish


  1. "Micro crack" - - is that like "micro cancer death" or "micro radiation contamination" of water and air and farmlands? "micro dead" from it? "Micro meltdown"? "Micro uranium leak"?

    " as long as cracks do not expand, they do not pose a danger to the reactor’s operations."

    blogging this ....

  2. Nuke Pro - see my blog (!!) ... they are pulling a trick. It is 370 cracks ... NOT 70. They are pulling a media stunt with the press releases....

    1. that's the FC blog ....

    2. Ya, added to a new article, Mahalo, stock out

  3. I just heard from a friend that a meltdown or something actually happened yesterday, and they r evacuating citizens. I live in Poland, some1 sent me sms not to open windows n go out between 12-13 my time. News say the evacutaion from yesterday was due to a wwII bomb but it somehow does not add up. 70.000 ppl due to a bomb ? I must fact check again.

    1. Well this for sure---perception of risk is finally becoming a bit more realistic


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