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Monday, July 10, 2017

Hippie Dog Troll at ENENEWS Destroying the Site

New Presentation on organized manipulation of Social Media.    What we discovered in the great experiment of ENENEWS, organized manipulation, is not being accepted as common knowledge.

37 page presentation on Social Media manipulation

Hippie Dog is an enigma, not in a good way.    He tells experts like Code and stock that they don't know anything, and then he comes up with this drivel, below the line.

I wrote the bottom part of this July 10, after a particularly vacuous comment by Hippie Dog, but July 9th, I had discovered Hippie Dogs link to the lamars world site, and made these screen captures.   The Lamar site attempts to "minimize" the appear of radiation alerts in USA, compared to the NETC that they claim they are replicating.

Hippie Dog is a real character, maybe in real life, maybe paid troll, some of both perchance?  Check the link for his "band" site.

It's hard to tell if some of these actors and paid to disrupt and demean, or just plain freaking stupid or insane.    PT Anne accused me this week of trying to steal the credit card right out of her hand.     I shouldn't make fun of the stupid and insane, but when they don't even know they are stupid or insane, and they attack me and accuse me of crimes, well, I'll take the shot!

There is a boycott at ENE today, protesting the complete lack of admin level control over deleterious trolls or worse.

Hippie Dog
Well before you waste your time on a naother fairy tale troll subject considerate this one… :-)
K-40 is NEVER found in nature, K-40 is only found when someone creates it (man made)…
Wanna compare fake apples to apples? Or fairy tales to fairy tales?
A great waste of time for insane folks trying to pass the time, a complete waste of time for sane, even slightly educated people above the age of 12…
Go figure…

  • unincredulous unincredulous
    a certain percentage of K-40 is contained in natural potassium samples. I am not even going to dig up an example for you. K-40 is ALWAYS found in nature is a more accurate statement. Yes, as they say, bananas are radioactive. If there was no K-40 in bananas, what then IS radioactive about bananas?

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech
    "K-40 is NEVER found in nature, K-40 is only found when someone creates it (man made)…"
    Entertain us some more MumbleMutt.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog
    Wow. You're good.
    Care to provide a link for us dummies to brush up on this "K-40 is NEVER found in nature, K-40 is only found when someone creates it (man made)…"
    and more stupidity

    Hippie Dog
    Damn I didn't even have a list huh…
    1 clean water
    2 clean food
    3 never eat drugs in any form, vitamins, asprin, ya know pills… or not. in any form.
    If it ain't confirmed natural and sourced correctly, don't eat it…
    And if it's seaweed, just say no…
    Potatoes, carrots and some shut up works pretty good, or not, ready to bash people trying to help you without ANY evidence again???
    Danebrammagge wider than a mile…
    Try not to import and then eat poisons if you can help yourself…

    The drama continues.    HillBillyHounddog, with her great love for ENE and/or admin...has decided that it is OK to just completely fabricate stories to make stock look bad.   


    There was a time when I did recommend this site. (more than 2 years ago now) I even made videos with links that referred back to here, but no more. It would be a complete waste of time now. There aren't any more real/sincere comments or they're too hard to find buried below the disruptive nonsensical jibber-jabber.
    Here's one of the last video efforts I made. I wanted it to be like a 30 second commercial. So that maybe more would watch and get the point across.
    :arrow: NEVER FORGET –
    Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Video #34
    [please share, ty, it's never too late]
    For those who may be looking for a reliable radiation related website I go to
    There you will find real comments, verified information and an administrator who is an award winning environmental journalist who doesn't stay anonymous hiding behind the veil of the internet.
    Hang in there stock.

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