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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Nuclear energy Is Dying, It's Too Costly, After $14B They Throw In The Towel In South Carolina

stock here:   Japan's Toshiba owns Westinghouse Electric.   Westinghouse was trying to also design a new smaller nuclear reactor, AP1000, and failed on that too.  Westinghouse went bankrupt, and No one wants to complete the deal

The cost to complete almost doubled.   Nuclear is dying, but not fast enough.     



S.C. utilities halt work on new nuclear reactors, dimming the prospects for a nuclear energy revival  


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  1. Maybe you are looking at the dinosaurs, and not the new economics driving the next generation nuclear tech. Regulatory reform is needed for a bloated risk-averse culture. Infinite safety at infinite cost is not the appropriate model. The bar needs to be somewhere, else we are all driving Abrams tanks at 5 mph. Engineering is about solutions under appropriate and practical constraints. It's never been about chicken little. For anything.

    The antinuclear movement has more damage to the environment than they can imagine. All this under a false pretense of LNT. Pendulum is swinging. Get ready.


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