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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Pacific Ocean Is Dying and You Don't Even Know?

from a reader / contributor.   They have made a new site, and it is outstanding!

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  1. People who believe the Pacific Ocean is "dying" from Fukushima have drunk the antinuclear koolaid. Fukushima added an insignificant level to The overall radiation budget. These ratfarm clowns use the NOAA wave height picture as their proof of their ideology. 6th graders know more than them regarding real scoence. There will always be these peoole in the world. You can't fix stupid.

    1. lies----

      Average probability of an individual latent cancer death per reactor per year:

      NRC Safety Goal: 2 x 10−6
      Typical PWR: 2 x 10−9
      Typical BWR: 4 x 10−10

  2. you appear to be an expert on not fixing stupid

  3. Loose nuke: Let me give you another example that's easy to understand for someone of your intellect: there is no overall radiation budget. Fukushima doubled that. And, the radionuclides did not disperse crossing the sea, therefore, what you refer to as the overall budget (whatever that means) increased several trillion times because the concentrate YOU would drink would kill you before it reached your lips. How inconsequential is that to your overall budget minded incoherence. -- Dejapuke and counterterrorist are the same person. Different monikers from different eras. Hit me with your best shot. Here's some icing on the cake - the mortality rate from atmospheric testing jumped up from 1 million deaths to 60 million deaths when figuring in low dosage deaths, and 100 million cancers. You don't think we're actually addressing you, do you loose nuke, we're addressing the people witnessing our interchange ... you make stuff up like a drunk in a midnight choir just can't get on key and furthermore lack the emotional temperament to care for others.

    1. lack of empathy is a trait of sociopaths, and nuclear draws sociopaths like a flies to compost.


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