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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tokyo To Gracefully Bow Out Of The Olympics?

Bowing out of the Olympics -- It would be the right thing to do, and as shown below, others have strategized on how us citizen scientists could make it happen.

Send the top athletes, the ones with top physical genetics in the world, into a land with pervasive radiation, is nothing short of insane.   It's a political stunt, and the negative ramifications should be clear and spoken loudly.

At the bottom of this post is a summary of why so much dangerous absurdity happens around radiation -- Power, Money, Control

2 yrs. ago, we targeted Olympic athletes to serve as news media "hooks" raising public awareness, contacting athletes directly, launching a media PR campaign creating a "news story," and building continuing media coverage based on responses.

I recommended waiting…until we had bite-sized info to release that was closer to the event.

This "top-of-mind" window is what we were waiting for:

"…considerably more radioactive than current radiation models anticipated. If ingested, these more radioactive particles increase the risk of suffering a future health problem…
…"hot particles are small mobile pieces of radioactive elements that can be breathed in, drunk or eaten in food. The fragments can then become lodged in bodily tissue where they will emanate high-intensity ionizing radiation for months or years, damaging and twisting cells, potentially causing myriad diseases and cancer…

"Comparing external radiation to hot particles inside the body is an inappropriate analogy,” Gundersen told EnviroNews in an email. “Hot particles deliver a lot of energy to a very localized group of cells that surround them and can therefore cause significant localized cell damage.”…"
An interview article was published in the magazine “Monthly Japan” (September 2015), titled "An honorable retreat from the Tokyo Olympic Games”. Reactions at that time were said to be "noteworthy and expanding…"

Assertions were that the Tokyo Olympic Games divert attention from Fukushima and give the the world the false impression that Fukushima no longer poses a threat. The article opined that advancement of the Tokyo Olympic Games was at the expense of the funds needed to address environmental disasters created by the destroyed Fukushima nuclear reactors… 

The article states that the future of the Olympic Games themselves is at stake, because the very spirit of the Games and the Olympic Movement require an honorable retreat, and so that Japan can devote maximum effort to control the Fukushima crisis.
I don't have time right now to re-outline the extensive campaign I presented here, complete with Olympic athletes, their contact info, and a long list of e-mail addresses for media mouthpieces.
Here is a site to source athlete lists:

When I suggested getting started on this, folks here said I was a pompous and controlling attention seeker, and that the idea of not continuing to do nothing, but instead to "work" toward a better world was patently offensive to happy bloggers. Lol 

So…I just drop in from time to time with editorials about impacting stories… And watch you lot's pastime of tearing each other limb from limb. I do get nuggets now and then, but the "gold" is usually buried in a mountain of you know what. Lol <com-post>

Note how Tepcon has been lying to everyone the entire time.
They lied about rad releases.
About meltdowns.
About meltouts.
About the spent fuel fires at reactor 4.
Tepcon tried to bullshit us with that easily disprovable "reactor 4 spen fuel pool removal" video!
 Tepcon and the nukers are serial liars.
We all know this.

They have an established historical pattern of releasing false pics, vids and statements which are often not even from the same location.

Dana and others have proved that the R4 sfp vids are fakes. Just look at the building!!!

Why should we believe Tepcon is now suddenly showing the public truthful images of the current condition of Reactor 3??? Anyone can find pics of the exterior condition of reactor 3 after it went prof critical nuclear dirty bomb mode and EXPLODED with a massive black mushroom cloud blowing towards Tokyo that day.

Do we really think that Tepcon is not just showing the public some "reactor 3" images that are, once again, just images from a different reactor? T

epcon has an established historical pattern of lying to the public.
They lied about the meltdowns. They lied about the meltouts.

They lied about radiation levels – repeatedly. They definitely lied about the R4 sfp vids. Why should we believe them now?

  • Jaonth
    You're right that "Tepcon has been lying to everyone the entire time." But there's a much bigger truth behind that: the truthful facts on radiation toxicity have been carefully obfuscated for ages by all nations profiteering from nuclear energy, medical radiation, and nuclear weaponry, such as the US, France, Russia, India, or Japan.

    The conventional medical-dental industries and the nuclear-military industries (=the radiation cartel) have been, for well over half a century, perpetually lying about, and minimizing, the true toxicity of ionizing radiation (e.g resorting to false sneaky comparisons between radiation exposure from sunlight or an airplane flight to a dental or medical x-ray or the exposure to nuclear fallout, etc. to deliberately deceive the unwitting public) to avoid culpability for the huge number of deaths and injuries that they're responsible for (discussed and well referenced in the book "The Mammogram Myth" by Rolf Hefti — outline at ).
    You can recognize the global grip of this powerful big money cartel by the ominous absence in the reporting of the allied corporate mass media (the mainstream fake news media) about the ongoing severe disaster at Fukushima, or by any of the solid proofs about the frauds this criminal evil cartel is involved in. You can find out more about that from Dr. Chris Busby, Dr. Helen Caldicott and others who are not tied to the corrupt radiation cartel.

    • Jaonth, great comment. Somehow, we might be able to shame individual actors (TEPCO) into some proper response, but indeed, it is the overall Radiation Cartel and it's links to the big money big power interests all the way from Uranium mining, to Waste Site Cleanup.


  1. Pro sports activities occur in many areas where radiation levels are much higher than Tokyo. Denver, San Francisco, Milwaukee to name a few. Mexico City, the site of the 68 Olympics, fares much worse from an environmental toxicology basis.

  2. Here.

  3. Breathing in some air pollution does not compare to breathing or consuming an actual radioactive hot particle. Loose Poopchute engages in the typical nuker lies and disinfo. Comparing bananas and background radiation from granitic rocks to the severe health risks posed by inhaling a Fuku dust particle or eating a strontium laden FukuFish. Nuclear is a gigantic deadly lie. Note what happened to those catepillars that ate leaves from HOUSEPLANTS in TOKYO?!? Athletes will be eating contaminated fukufoods, FukuFish


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