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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

After Fukushima and Hillary's Deal to Buy Japan's Radioactive Food, Japan Gave Over $1M to the Podesta Group

For those not in the know, you should know this:

This Pact to buy the  Radioactive food was documented via insider information to Gunderson, but I think the email chain is especially important in verifying this.
“Contrary to her statement under oath suggesting otherwise, Mrs. Clinton did not return

all her government emails to the State Department,” Fitton said. “Our goal is to find out what other emails Mrs. Clinton and the State Department are hiding.”
Over $1,000,000 from Japan to Podesta,200:P200_REG_NUMBER,P200_DOC_TYPE,P200_COUNTRY:5926,Exhibit%20AB,JAPAN

Her dad was in broadcasting, same name, she never married.   I guess power control corruption was more important.



  1. I'm not defending HRC, however "radioactive food" is a misnomer. We can start by separating "radioactive" from contaminated. The latter would mean it is covered in some elements that themselves emit radiation. If a food were raduoactive, like seaweed or some nuts, or dare I say, banana (had one this morning) then it emits its own radiation. The food from Fukushima was decontaminated, which is done by washing it with a mild soap. Oh then where did that "radioactive" rinse water go? Probably back in circulation after samples show its lower than release limits. Come to think about it, if the human body were naturally radioactive, wouldn't bath, shower, sink, toilet carry off radioactive water to a degree? Sure but the levels are too low to be any risk. Thus what happens to the "No safe dose" meme? Or conversely, "any is dangerous". Are deminimus doses really dangerous. It hasnt been proven, so people invoke the Precautionary Principle under the default that it is such. But dont tell that to rad survivors from WWII. Some have outlived those that were never exposed. The LNT hypothesis, which basically has hampered nuclear development with unrealistic, overly conservative policy, will soon have its comeuppance. Everything does.

    1. Sure but it is disingenious to think that years later that the food is contaminated on the outside. The radioisotopes they are picking up an internalizing into their entire flesh are from the ground and water. Radio-uptake is a well known process.

      Many foods found in Japan at above the 100 Bq/kG do not sell regulation. Send them to USA even in 2017, hey Mikey he likes it!


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