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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Failure of the USA Radiation Monitoring System -- Follow The Money, Cover Up the Fukushima Debacle

I came across this website and didn't want to lose it.    I have not vetted all the information at this site, but it appears to be an eye opener into Radnet.

I used to follow Radnet extensively, even pulling data into my webpage for an easy scan of all the sites in the US.   Amazingly, 2 days after I completed that task, they jiggered all their information into a much less useable format.   It seemed very intentional to me.

Then later, they stopped presenting all Beta monitoring (Strontium is a Beta emitter), and they blamed it on unreliable cellular service.  Seriously.


  1. Im probably not going to live past 5 yrs. I have all these nuclear resources. Im figuring who could benefit from all these resources/textbooks. These are professional level quality. You intereste? No substitute for advanced nuclear degrees.

    1. Sure would be glad to have them, softwares too, esp. interested. How come you think its coming to an end, if you care to share.

    2. Look up Jack Tatum, Ron Santo. Not there yet. Still have all parts. 50% survival rate.

    3. Sorry bro, but is it 5 years at your age? I so gave up soda and TV 25 years ago. It does let every other disease take a shot at you.

      So much healthy food stuff....embrace it now.

    4. It's 50% survival 5 yrs after they take your legs. Not there yet. Fighting. People have higher survival rates from 400 rad acute dose!

    5. LD 50% without medical is about 500 rad acute.

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