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Friday, October 6, 2017

Earthquakes At Fukushima, Hopefully Not Part Of Another Swarm

Japan USGS Earthquakes

Compare the maps, these earthquakes are targeting Fukushima.   The 2011 monster EQ started with a bunch of earthquakes, a "Swarm" with the notable one being three 6's and a 7.

Today we had a 6 and a 5.4 so far.    Good time to keep your eyes open, and preparations ready.    Make sure all your significant others are aware of your specific response plan, and where emergency supplies are placed.   Check or replace the battery in your Geiger and test it.

The real risk here is not another set of nuclear explosions, but all the tanks of concentrated contaminated water stored at Fukushima.   If those get swept into the ocean, we could see a dead Pacific for 100 years.    As is the food chain was decimated by the "low levels" of radiation, for the scientific basis on how that is possible, REVIEW THIS

7 day report, this is all the 2.5 EQ and above.   So this is scary because it has been "too quiet" that means a plate or plates have been "stuck".

Only 2 small EQ the whole week, and then 3 significant quakes today.

Ears Up!

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