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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Starve the Beast -- Jump Off the Bandwagon -- See Clearly Like An Eagle

Guns are so can attach chainsaws and death stars to them.

stock here--per a comment on this great video / speech, I agree with the approach of "starve the
beast". However, we need to do even more.

Consider a walk on part in the war.

Are we all beggars?
An effective sign of a blind beggar said "It's a beautiful world and I can't see it"

Malama Ka Aina

apollocircle 7 months ago All this is well and good but after hearing it, people still don't know what to DO. Everyone is waiting for some sort of Civil War or fight in the streets of some kind. They ARE warring against us, yes, thru food, water and products. So that is where the fight is. Can't get people to understand that our counter attack is fought in our homes. Don't spend money on things that fund this beast. Do not buy cable TV, fake foods, body products..... Cook, grow a garden, make toothpaste from bentonite clay or just use baking soda. Make shampoo out of shakakia or just use baking soda and vinegar. We win this war thru home industry and using something we used to call ELBOW GREASE.  If you want a real fight in this war, unplug your family from the industry. 


  1. From the vid - John Trudell, "We are alternative energy" New science The Balance, we're in this together which will bring more value. November is Native American Heritage month (I am Native American) where the elders have noted a simple understanding of our existence. "Be still and listen to what in life is calling". You won't necessarily hear it calling but you will feel it. We're all born into the skin of the snake but at the same instance, we are of the Spirit that allows you to feel compassion, love. Leave your mind for problem-solving and your heart to guide you through life. At this point, we become Brother and Sister and can drop the ball on The Grand Prize Game. Cram it, clown. "Akua Tuta" (Take Care) Thanks for pointing this out to me Stock, aka Brother

    1. No MSM has reported this, great news!


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