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Sunday, October 22, 2017

The USA Is A Failed State -- Criminals and Pedophiles Run Free At The Top of Government

This video does a great job of explaining where we are at.

Seen first at this great website 

And submitted by Lot's Wife.   Charlie Rose was a TV Interviewer, and was later outed as a sexual predator.    But in this 1999 interview, you can see him obviously trying to run cover for and confuse the issue of Bill Clinton as a sexual predator.

Because of Charlie’s sexual harassment of interns and staff, this interview has an added dimension. Questions to Hitchens about his focus on Bill Clinton's shameless exploitation of his sexual partners and the voters deserves to be seen in context with Charlie’s (then unknown) parallel behavior. (Voters = audience) Watching him perform from this resolve gives today’s viewers insight behind his calculating questions and defensive behavior. The last few moments are telling, in my opinion.

And this site summarizes who really controls Amerika

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