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Saturday, October 7, 2017

What is Real Wealth?

stock here - I would like people to throw in a few more ideas.   I think the proper max amount will be 20.

Wealth is–

  1. Health above all
  2. Clean food, air, and water
  3. Freedom from serious mental defects
  4. Freedom itself, the pursuit of happiness
  5. The ability to accept the fact that you deserve happiness
  6. Time — enough — to enjoy the other elements of wealth
  7. Some camaraderie with fellow humans and animals, a team spirit
  8. Enough education to understand the world we live in
  9. Ability to avoid mind numbing propaganda or at least deflect it
  10. Enough physical assets, including money, that one is not tempted too much, too help one live a moral life
  11. Flexibility in all meanings (hint - stretch)
  12. Some Love (and sex)
  13. Being a net positive to our Mother Earth
You could probably throw some more mamby-pamby shit in there, but I'll resist getting too politically correct

Any other ideas?

A reasonable enough feeling of safety and security


  1. This reminds me a little of 'Maslow's hierarchy of needs';

    Great way to redefine the concept of wealth - in terms of general satisfaction of human necessity rather than the more commonly referenced numbers on bank statements and status symbols, or the measurement of the power of humans to control and exploit each other.


    1. cool, proud to have "co-discovered" this hierarchy. Others have suggested "the ability to create" and I responded that might be quite individual, others may have no need "to create". But it does look like my list is missing something to cover "personal fulfillment" or "self actualization" and Maslow put it, the problem with his term is that it totally needs to be defined and is by no means obvious, even to a scholar.



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