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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fukushima Expose, Almost No Real Progress In Seven Years -- And a Narrative of Geo-Politics and It's Abuse

Nicely written Fukushima expose, 2 parts, very professional. Great link to send to people who would

be turned off by something too conspiracy looking.

Another site, someone left as a link at Nukepro. Purports to describe real international geo-politics outside of the Establishment Model / Narrative Gasser November 23, 2017 at 2:02 pm Obe, and whom else this may concern, try this for an ear infection, take ear wax from your good ear and insert it into the infected ear, this it will stop the infection because it has the proper default bacteria count needed to fight the infection restoring the proper Bacteria balance needed…believe it, it works, antibiotics will only screwup your whole Bacteria system in the long run. And all you sick ENEnews folks I have been reading about here, consider this logical fact; we as freewill choice humans have the power to choose ourselves healthy or be sickly…consider the simple placebo effect, if one is taking Herbs for ailments mostly caused by stress and anxiety (via "habitual" bad freewill choices of needless stress and worry wrecks havoc on the immune system) one can overcome their sickness from simply reversing bad thought patterns to habitual positive good thought patterns choosing to be happy and healthy. Gasser Gasser November 23, 2017 at 2:03 pm We are creatures of easily influenced habits that once established form life patterns, some are good most are bad. If one lets the commercial World completely take over the minds power of choice for their benefit such as; daily political fear news, stupid repetitious radio commercials, and childish music, talk radio shows and religion's fear, myth and superstitions etc. These common daily habits rob a person from projecting their true future freewill choices of want's, needs and desires to be happy healthy and prosperous by being able to quality think out of the commercial worlds box on their own. If someones fear says you can't do that, a week commercialized diluted mind will believe that bullshit. Turn off all that habitual brain washing crap and stand up for your true gift rights of "freewill choice" and believe with it with an open full throttle mind, after all "Smooth running healthy reality goes at the speed and quality of freewill choices" (my experienced quote) Gasser Gasser November 23, 2017 at 2:04 pm Stop habitually cheating yourself and letting others cheat you from being happy, healthy and inventive to hack through the entangled jungle of the confused minds of demented humans en$laving intension$…get real, achieve freedom to think on your own unique high quality value life living thoughts. Remember you are your own worst enemy, Tobacco, Alcohol, any kind drugs and fear, dilutes mind power quality leading to eventual sickness, poverty and early death. Cold Turkey is the only way to break bad peer pressure habits, once you stop the first bad habit you will achieve the mind power Domino effect to easily knock them all down…ask me how I know that shit now @ 76, med free, still strong and healthy, because I tell myself that i'm invincible everyday with full logical declaration confidence…mental placebo effect? you damn right…stick with it, it works. Gasser Gasser November 23, 2017 at 2:05 pm Ps> Now @ 76 yr'old, soon to be 77, I have sold my Hawaii property and heading to the USA to start a new life time adventure touring the States with an RV camper on a pickup truck with my trusty KTM off road motorcycle on the back to do some extreme off road gnarly racing events, plus kick back fishing, hiking, pan gold, and meet new folks of the same like. I've ridden about every bas ass lava flow, gnarly mud boged rain forest's and nasty rough 4WD roads around the Volcano's to the point it has become boring, so now I will be exploring/racing on the mainland in all new zones in all kinds of weather. The closer to no fear death I come, the more alive I feel, It's my default freedom freewill choices in real time fun action…yeehaw! Life is to short, don't waste it on bad life sucking dead end habits…have a great Thanksgiving…Aloha! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tired of the Establishment Narrative? Some philosophy from Gasser


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  2. Here's to progress, very uplifting Stock, living on the edge awakens our spirit where you might have slipped and you should not be here. So we'll be bold and look at the big picture when problems accrue. One of which is very interesting because as 3/11/11 was the 9.0 earthquake that caused the devastating tsunami that hit the country originating less than 50 miles off its eastern coastline and added fail to the Fukushima reactors. This is said to be the largest quake that hit Japan. Well, no 9.0 is reported on the USGS model except for the 7.9 that's 31 miles off the east coast of Honshu and the rolling ring of waves would have approached Fukushima from the southeast, we saw the tsunami in video that day coming from the east. The 9.0 is reported in all writings and made history but we don't see it in the model here. I did a 3-day window before and after the 9.0 is reported on 3/11/11. Rumor has it that Japan was developing plutonium for Iran and Israel was dead set against this and Japan was taught a lesson. Oh dear God, if this covert operation is true we're all going to get a piece of Israel. This little write up with pic of USGS map can be found at 'The Corrupted World Purge'



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