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Friday, November 3, 2017

"Necessary Conflict" -- The NWO Has Created The War of Men and Women -- Peak Strife

Across the world, the powers that be are trying there hardest to get men and women fighting each
other. Must have strife at all levels, as widespread as possible.

So the sick twisted sociopaths can have their precious global domination.

PS The World Economic Forum is a tool of the NWO

"A Swiss research institute" has downgraded Japan to 111th in the world ranking of gender equality, citing big gaps between men and women in politics and economics.
Note many other news channel are carrying this "story" without even citing the source, thus keeping people one step further away from doing their own research and finding out it is a NWO narrative.

Truly though, Japan does have more traditional male female roles. But that does not immediately translate into "inequality", although it is there for sure.   For the most part though, people in Japan seems pretty comfortable playing their "roles".   

Like working yourself to death in a factory or bank as the men do.

Obama carried the narrative, he stated that he thought it was horrible that some women had to "just" stay at home and that every woman should be able to enjoy the greatest of having a job. Yep, destroy the nuclear family, let government take "care" of the kids, and get more slaves working and producing.

comment seen at Zerohedge, in a surprising article for them, presented as fact and without editorial.  But this is from the comment section.

Look at it this way: ancient emperors always kept a harem, but ancient empresses did not.
For women, sex is about love or power, or more specifically access to powerful men. For men, sex can be about love, simple enjoyment, and also about the accomplishment of being able to attract and bed a beautiful woman.

I haven't heard of a single long-term, highly sexual relationship between a man and woman where the man was using sex to control the woman.
I have heard of plenty of marginally-sexual relationships where the woman was using sex to control the man. I think the feminazis are projecting on this one.
This is the stupid article about 4 female politicians who say they were "sexually harrased"

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