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Monday, November 13, 2017

"Q" Presents a Large Spreadsheet Of Q&A on What Is Really Going On In The World

"Q" is an interesting phenomenon.    An entity that is trying to gently peel back the curtain and display the wizards pulling the handles.    For most people, the truth is too much to bear, so far away from their existing world view, from their comfort zone.     Think of all the people insisting on living in their "safe spaces".

Think of Sweden, migrant rape capital of the world, stating that "Sweden should be a safe space for everyone", and then removing crosses from Christian churches so as not to offend the Muslims that have been foisted upon their country.  

Think how far off that reality is, from the genuine machinations of the puppet masters.

from another author, his summary, he brought this one to my attention

Eruptive forces are building out of sight. If reports are true, at least there was some warning. “Q” is the code name of a deep insider, we are told, who is spilling state secrets in posts that entail a series of questions tied to bread crumbs. It’s a sort of one-handed Socratic Method, where Q's questions pose inferences which catalyze new ways of looking at the political and financial landscape. A landscape Q suggests will soon turn to Jell-O. Sensitives may do well to anticipate vertigo, disequilibrium, and presyncope.

I wonder if this "young lady" retreats to a safe space, after ripping off a working man

  This one is just for fun, but a common theme presents itself

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