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Monday, November 6, 2017

Solar Magnetics, Sun Spots, Cosmic Rays, Cloud Nucleation, and "Climate Change"

Sorry, I meant to develop this article a lot more, but running out of time as winter starts barreling down on me.    Set the Nest T-Stat to 60 last night, and with 11F outside temps, the house really fell to 59F, that's pushing it.

A high school kid did some excellent work on modeling the Pacific Decadel Oscillation, and the Atlantic Oscillation in relation to weather patterns in sectors of the USA.    He emailed me the source charts and such, which I shall post.    


  1. Been away. Working for the Empire much better than the Resistance. They get all the cool toys. Im wondering if you can overlay this trace on the same time period for the Dow. Seems random. Lol

    1. Oh here is the question. I run HEPA air filters. Been testing them with Radiation Inspector Alert, 1 with alpha window closed, one with alpha open. Identical units otherwise.

      Seems the airborne contaminants are almost all Alpha. Can I run repeated measurements over time, and by rate of decay, estimate which radionuclides I am looking at. I thought I saw some software to do this with?

  2. There is a whole field of "Financial Astrology" One book by Ltcdr David Williams, and another one on my shelf "Climate -- A Key To Understanding Business Cycles."

    There is some mumbo jumbo there, but bottom line is that cooler weather is not good for agriculture and all it's spin offs. Art Crawford also does a blends of real astrology and technical trading, he is getting pretty old though. Can search online for his stuff.


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