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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Very Unusual Earthquake Activity -- High Alert for "The Big One"

Note - Added some screen shots from today, still 50 EQ over the earth per day, that is quite high, its usually 20 to 30 above 2.5.    And 4 areas of the earth far away from traditional EQ fault lines.   Never seen anything like that over thousands of observations.

I did some pretty good EQ prediction in the past, but it take time and effort.    I don't have the time now.   But after observing a bunch of over 6.0 across the world, and a 3.6 in Arkansas, I decided to take a quick look.

Plates are moving for sure, we are in a weird "zone" that I haven't really seen before.   Like a good boy scout, be prepared.      So have at it, and comment if you have any questions or insights.


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