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Friday, December 29, 2017

Did the "Blob" of Warm Water Kill All The Pacific, or Was It Fukushima?

Below comments by CodeShutdown

Why its important to disprove the  stochastic theory of low level fallout;  There is an underlying assumption that low level radiation is not a toxic substance...but acts more like a digital switch which randomly (and rarely) mutates a cell that escapes the immune system, turning into cancer.  Like walking in a canyon, you are perfectly fine until a random rock falls on your head.   By applying some math, science can calculate your odds of getting hit by a rock, one in a million chance or something...and it sounds like good odds.  This concept is at the very heart of the science and ideology of the nuclear industry.  Its actually the legal reason nuclear can exist.  Scientists say a certain low probability is an acceptable price to pay for nuclear energy.  From this assumption, they look you straight in the face and say its impossible to prove that fallout caused this or that cancer or heart attack.

But the in-depth research coming from Chernobyl shows that low level radiation is a poison that causes some degree of morbidity or unhealthy metabolic changes in  everything...the body system, the ecological system.  Sometimes this is the rally of the body to put more energy into repair and there is a subsequent resistance to radiation...the hormesis effect. 

Even slight doses of Cs137 can cause significant pathological disorders in human and other animals;

Note that the greater radiation from potassium does NOT cause those pathological disorders.

Mouseau and others show an adaptation of some animals in the Chernobyl and Fukushima areas...but importantly, the over-all effect is loss of species diversity, increased deformity and dire changes to the ecosystem. A million birds are killed by a Chernobyl trap effect every year.  (I have to dig out the exact number some other time).  Thus the hormesis effect is no excuse for poisoning the earth, but its also important to recognize it because it helps to disprove the stochastic DNA mutation theory.  How? Hormesis shows that the effect from fallout is a dynamic reaction of complex metabolic changes.  These metabolic reactions are recognized to be seven times more potent at causing genetic damage than the direct radiation hits to DNA.

radiation hitting the cytoplasm is 7 times more mutagenic than hitting the DNA

This systemic poisoning of the body and ecosystem has an interesting effect;  Animals are eight times more sensitive to radiation effects in nature compared to the controlled conditions of the laboratory.  Woods Hole, Scripps and NOAA need to educate themselves on the advances made in radiation dosimetry of the last 20 years.

animals in the natural habitat are 8 tmies more sensitive to radiation than in isolated lab conditions;

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