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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The French are Crazy Basejumpers But Not Crazy Enough to Continue With Nuclear Power

 But the French aren't crazy enough to stick with nuclear.

PARIS (Reuters) - France will reduce the share of nuclear energy in its electricity mix “as soon as possible”, French junior environment minister Brune Poirson said on Tuesday, although she did not give a target date. come the French get ministers like this and we get Pelosi and Wasserman Shultz


  1. Your question: come the French get ministers like this and we get Pelosi and Wasserman Shultz?

    Answer: Because we're inundated with Luciferian candle burners!

    Merry Christmas, Stock

    1. That is quite the large microagression Mark! How dare you say Christmas, if some of my Mulsim friends saw that they could have a heart attack. Making you a Xenographic murderer wannabe.


      Merry Christmas!!!

      700 company Christmas cards going out. All will say "Merry Christmas" very clearly.

    2. Lol, you bring up a valid point, with much research and design where I can't confirm nor deny it's creator a soft touch that's easy on the eyes has been designed for blow-back on this celebration of joy.

      yrreM samtsirhC

  2. California fires - how to disperse Fukushima fallout?

    1. Ya, re aerosolize it, release it from the plants and trees that "sequestered it". The gift that keeps on giving.


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