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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Thyroid Cancer Epidemic -- And Japan States ""it is difficult to think the cases are related to radiation exposure" from the disaster.

Disgusting the coverup of the effects of man-made radiation.

We covered this in an earlier article which I shall replicate here 

Fukushima thyroid test evaluation unit president resignation

Hokkaido Shimbun October 21 (Friday) 13 hour 30 minute delivery

"Effects of radiation are unlikely" to the question Fukushima thyroid test evaluation unit president resignation

Kazuo Shimizu--Who is the president of the Committee to study Cancer caused by Fukushima, submitted his resignation
"They wanted me to voice their opinion, which disagreed with my opinion, and the facts.

A member of the TEPCO Fukushima prefectural health research review committee that Fukushima Prefecture after the first nuclear power plant accident has been installed, Kazuo Shimizu presidents (Japan Thyroid Surgical Society before Chairman) of the Committee to assess the child's thyroid test, the study committee it was found that he had submitted his resignation 

We reported on this Thyroid cancer issue several times, and as expected as time goes on, the results just get worse.  

From initial results, we calculated that Thyroid cancer was occurring at 555 times worse than worldwide average.   Data is here, use data!

stock here: so thyroid cancer is fairly rare, only 5% of cysts or nodules may be cancer.   The nodules usually don't cause symptoms, so they are usually just discovered by accident for another reason.

In Japan, around Fukushima, 21.1% of kids aged 1 to 21 have sizable cysts/nodules, of over 3mm, or about the size of a pea.    That is around 31,500 kids out of 153,667 tested.

What if 5% eventually get cancer of the thyroid, that would be  1,575 kids.    Or more than 1% thyroid cancer.     But the world wide average is only .0018% of all ages, including old people.

So that is 555 times more likely to get cancer 


  1. Like I said before there really isn't enough clear cut evidence to dismiss confounded. To claim a direct link to Fukushima is not grounded in 70 yrs of science. Junk medicine run amok for an agenda. Exploiting children under false claims is plain wrong.

    1. Now you are sounding like a lib-tard with that "exploiting children"

      There is no exploitation going on in exposing a medical coverup. Well, except exploiting the truth.


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