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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Does the Flu Vaccine Actually Spread the Flu More? Yes.

stock here: we have been suspicious of vaccines for quite some time.    Another arm of "Big Pharma".   Any arm of Big Pharma must be looked at with suspicion. 

I did a flu vaccine this year although I haven't had flu only once in about 10 years.   The last time was 2016 but that was caused by a flight from Chicago to Honolulu, and 6 people within 10 feet sneezing up a storm like I have never seen even 2 people do on an airplane.   The plane stress and the bombardment took me down hard and wasted like 3 days of business trip. 


Flu Vaccine Bombshell: 

630% More "Aerosolized Flu Virus Particles" Emitted By People Who Received Flu Shots

Lot's Wife
Interesting that another site I found while researching the flu, was also publishing nukepro stuff in the current timeframe!

And as Facebook announces Censorship of those who speak against the "narrative",

We also see Google actively filtering out anything "pro change" anything that portrays the President in a good light, and only "bad reviews" fills the first several pages of "search results" RE the State of the Union address.  

I watched the State of the Union in full, and it was excellent.    Of course the rabid pit bulls of Main Street Media immediately attacked every aspect of the speech.   

Tulsi Gabbard is overall good, but swayed but operating in an intensely liberal state, Hawaii.    Hawaii is the only state where the Asian population votes liberal. 

People in & across the US are sick & tired of partisan politics & gridlock in Washington. Rather than pour fuel on the fire of divisiveness & hatred, we must come together in the spirit of aloha & work toward bipartisan solutions for the many challenges that face us

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