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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The War On Men (and Women) Continues -- Create Chaos By Dividing Everyone

Seen on the net -- so few people have the ability to see with their own eyes. Sometimes a moment of
disgust is needed to open our eyes and create lasting change.

Apparently, anyone who even tries to discuss the so called "harassment issue" will be viciously attack.

Anyone who even points out that the vast majority of men are "good" will be viciously attacked.
 I am nervous to post this video but felt compelled to record it after coming home from work today. I wanted to briefly express my appreciation for all the amazing men out there and the contributions they make, which often go unrecognized. Their actions are what allow a society to function. I tweeted a while back — I wonder (and worry about) what will have to happen for women to realize WE are the privileged sex — looking around at all the male bashing being encouraged in our culture, I am blown away by women’s shortsightedness. Men are the builders and keepers of a culture, but they’ll only maintain and protect it for so long, without female appreciation and inspiration.

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