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Friday, February 16, 2018

What so "New" Small Modular Nuclear Reactors have In Common With Clinton ---Corruption

This was Rod Adam’s baby; lots of money dropped into it and then cancelled. For a series of informed speculations about the likely hijacking of US nuke power R&D, attend the video by George Webb. Did you know that senior FBI officials actively manage nuke fuel processing, sales and transport? If you follow Webb’s lead, he corroborates HRC's 20-year-long choke-hold on this sector relied on staffing key positions with loyalists. This eased changes in oversight regulation, giving the FBI special management. Under the guise of national security, HRC and her team at the FBI stripped the Nuclear Regulation Agency [NRC] of its perogatives in order to personally enrich themselves.

In a sane and just country this POV would not be rendered solely on YT but confirmed and advanced by the NYT and WAPO. Instead, a few journalists set each day’s national news feeds with encrypted talking points sent from Langley. Slipping the CIA’s Mockingbirds, use this inside nugget to fuel your indignation to new heights

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