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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Break Up Google, Too Big, Too Partisian and they are Censoring Big Time

stock here, please see compiled story by contibutor below.

Here is a good summary of "where we are at"

The media, led by CNN, MSNBC and the other alphabet networks, believe they - and they alone - should dictate American policy. The MSM expect our president to be their puppet, to play by their rules.

This all started long ago in the Vietnam era, when American foreign policy became strongly influenced by media opposition to the war. In later years, when WAPO actually brought down a sitting president (Nixon), media egos swelled to monstrous proportions.   Now the MSM are convinced that they are the eminent arbiters of morality, the rightful rulers of this country and they strive very hard to control the hearts and minds of a substantial portion of the public, which they believe to be na├»ve, ignorant and politically lazy.

This mirrors Josef Goebbels' s assessment of his own populace and Jonathan Gruber's more recent opinion on the same subject.   But disappointed that things are not going exactly according to plan, the MSM have started to abandon even superficial attempts to appear truthful and honest. Openly gorging on obvious lies and transparent hypocrisy, dogma has replaced MSM editorial policy.

It's gotten so bad that in the absence of supporting facts, hasty opinions, desperate name calling and casual insults have become "news".


Contributed by Lot's Wife

All across the YouTube network, hundreds - perhaps thousands - of content providers have been banned. Their channels and archives blocked. The great god Google that owns YT will not speak to the banning other than ‘terms of service breaches’.

Media literate ‘net savvy people have seen this day coming. The orthodoxy's walls were falling as more and more people sacked it for its archives of control and manipulation. It’s been a race to the tipping point - a day when enough people see through the illusion that their numbers have an effect. Google’s defensive reaction indicates a critical point may have been reached. 

If you left wondering why Google would do this, remember, it is HRC’s biggest supporter. Google is acting like a partisan. It’s time to break up Google; it’s too powerful. Use a public utility model in its transformation.

This fellow is representing attitudes and opinions of those who remain online but now fear that what they say will cause termination. Cast around independently to hear what others are saying about YT’s ban of disapproved speech. Who dares utter Fourth Reich?

FOX News Tucker Carlson discusses the same here:
Dave from the X22 Report begins by stating the obvious: big tech giants such as YouTube have been taking down news channels that don’t align with the deep state’s brand of tyranny. But he says to watch for people to dump stocks as the Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR) becomes more widely accepted (the regulation of tech giants to stop censorship). Because once freedom is speech is allowed online again, all of the information can come out, and Snowden may have more that will cripple the deep state.


  1. 7 yrs later, Fukushima a non starter to the unparanoid world.

    Been away. Saw the ENENEWS website was gone. Yay.

    1. "no Adverse Effects" except that pesky little dead Pacific Ocean? 95% drop in fish stocks.

  2. "This all started long ago in the Vietnam era"
    Future Proves Past



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